Great start to gauntlet - Points Not Registering


Well I’d rather like to have all the energy back that’s been taken thanks, I couldn’t care less about the apology gift ! I had 116 energy that is now only 16 energy, I attacked twice that actually worked and each time it was 20 energy, so 40 in total, then after them I tried again twice and both times the game froze at loading screen then kicked me from game, come back and I’ve lost the attack and apparently lost my energy too


Did you send a support ticket? I know in the post I quoted PG said they would look into it today. I hope everything works out for you. :heart:


Yeah I sent a support ticket last night as soon as it happened, got a response today to so the issue was sorted, I replied saying that the event may be sorted but I am still out of energy and explained the situation, they replied with a battle log say I had three attacks which is not true, I started with 116 energy, done two successful attacks both attacks cost me 20 energy cause I chose the higher points, both attacks I used 1 inner fire for each so the points for each was 550 each attack, my current event points stand at 1.1k, the battle log they sent me shows three attacks with 20 energy spent on each, so if that was true, I would have more event points no ? They just replied again, I’ll let you know what they say


Half with you, half with eidolon.
PG I’d lretty good in terms of sorting them out, unlike other games they’re very active in the community


I think they are understanding what im saying now, I have force closed ect but nothing has changed, sent them screenshots again after force close


It would depend on what island you hit the first island only offers 100 points regular. You do know if you used your energy in regular attacks instead of super you get more points. Yeah I would say you should have at-least 1.4k (3x 400 + 200(IF)= 1.4K) My calculation is without extra points for speed, defense and there is another thing incorporated in the points.


Yeah it was the 400 points per attack I selected plus boosted with inner fires so your calculations are correct, if PG battle.log is correct then I should have at least 1.4/1.5k points, so there clearly is an issue, I think they may have realized what I mean now so hopefully next response has a better idea of what’s happened


I hope so good luck


Thanks, I’ll post any updates on here


kindly take into account that I planned on having an hour of play before sleep and after almost two hours of waiting I had to follow nature and close my eyes so no I didn’t have 22 hours left. this likely applies to the majority of players affected in Europe. since this is a global game maybe don’t just think of your own timezone. and roughly 2k points I would have gotten in that time are lost without extra investment in my part


No further forward after their latest reply, they now sent a battle log that shows i apparently attacked 5 times each with super attack, I reiterated the fact that if that was the case of would have a minimum of 5x400 ( not taking into account the first two inner fire ,just what the standard points are ) so I should have a minimum of 2000 points, why is this so hard to understand lol


We all sleep, we all lose about 8 hours. When we lose it is different yes. refill is once every 24 hours. It doesn’t matter your time zone. I’m not sure if I’m missing something in your post.


Tag them in the support ticket. Their work day hasn’t even begun today as it’s 6am there.


Can I tag them in the game support ticket ? I thought it was only here I could do that lol


Yes, just ask them to escalate it to Jared and Dragon Punch as they requested.


you’re missing the fact that I could have played, but couldn’t because the game didn’t let me whereas others could register points, thus gaining an advantage I can’t recoup without extra costs, costs I wouldn’t have had and costs that those that aren’t affected didn’t have either.


Thanks I’ve done that now :grin:


@TheRedDelilah @Aphrodite32 all sorted, Christine has credited my account with energy packs so I am good to go :grin::grin: thanks for support and help


The apology gift does not contain the following:

Difference in prizes between the teams who had a head start and those who didn’t (which clearly cannot be predicted, and so a timely reset would have been the best option)

League ranking points (which clearly cannot be predicted, and so a timely reset would have been the best option)

Energy and Inner Fire, sufficient to offset what was spent before the fix (a lot of work to calculate, but was stolen by the glitch and should therefore be reimbursed… and something that would have been mitigated by a timely reset)

Team morale (which clearly cannot be assigned a value, and so a timely reset would have been the best option)

If even bog-standard recurring events cannot be deployed without glitches… what’s the point of any of it. The basic product (WD the game) should be solid before you carry on building any other nonsense to add to it. Who in their right mind buys accessories for a vacuum whose motor only works as it should 50% of the time. And yes, the analogy is apt (sucking up time and money).


FREE energy is refilled every 1 in 15 minutes, someone correct me if I’m wrong. So to make sure I’m understanding. You are upset about 8 energy you couldn’t use because the event wasn’t functioning? Correct me if I’m wrong again, 8 energy in regular attacks at that point because it was the first PVP island is 200 point. Please tell me how you got to 2k in points? Yes it sucks but is it really that serious when it is put in my perspective. Lets just move forward and call in a bad start to a good event. I like this event because it levels the points playing field for everyone. What I mean is hitting a level 200 gets you the same amount of points as hitting a level 1, give or take the extra stuff considered into the points.