Great start to gauntlet - Points Not Registering


A team mate did two mega attacks that didn’t count and he didn’t got back the energy/IF used. I find this lame. He opened a ticket with support, no answer back for now. @PGJared


yes I’m upset about the 8 energy I couldn’t use. could with inner fires I’ll let you do the math on how to get to 2k points. my line teammate who’s points were registered for 3.2k
and in theory we have a level playing field in this event (sort of), due to the botched start we don’t.
explain to me why you’re on with how this went down, did your points register? otherwise have a look at a lot of other opinions concerning how the way pg is dealing with this is seen and start wondering why you’re in the minority of people who seem satisfied


Oh grow up. The energy is the limiting factor. You lost nothing except potential points, which you could simply make up by running the event a few mins later

Not talking about megas and if - those they can refund, although anyone that uses mega attacks on the first pve island deserves a special medal


Tell that to those who lost 2 mega attacks = 300 energy packs and 40 IF. I don’t find it funny. My 0.02$


I’m so dead right now :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Who in their right mind uses mega attacks on the first pve island?


One who is too eager to get his points. I get it and I agree, but people don’t do everytime bright things. But again, if they wanted their personal points, they should be entitled to get them. With the glitch of this start, I think PG should reimburse them.
I too did simple attacks with no points, but my IF and energy were back once the app restarted. Why Mega or Supper were not treated the same way is over my comprehension.


I’m pretty sure they will refund his megas if he opens a ticket though, they generally good with things like that


He opened a ticket. I told him to tag PGJared. I do hope PG does the right thing.


Losing 200 point isn’t that serious because of the bigger picture. PG agreed it was messed up, he personally looking into stuff and confirmed he is refunding anything not registered. On top of that, the apology gift. The solution is what is important. While you are stressing the 8 energy you lost I’m concerned with my hunters who aren’t flying how they flew before yesterday, another thread, but no solution. I tried to put it in perspective, but it didn’t work good luck and fly high!


I have put in a ticket around 5:30 pm yesterday just a few minutes into the event. I’ve made a post here that pg deleted. I’ve sent a message to pg jarrod and have not received a response from anyone. I did get an automated response in the beginning that everyone gets most likely from a robot. I needed to travel and tried to run 2 fast mega attacks before I even realized the game was broken. I was drained of energy packs and innerfires and never received them back and I can’t get a response from anyone.


Ticket #983331


Tell them in the ticket to escalate it to @PGJared and @DragonPunch, I done that and 15 mins later I had my stuff back


The game took about 40 energy packs and 70 innerfires. My resources have massively inflated and I never got the points or the resources back. And haven’t been able to use any energy packs due to inflation.


I’ve been waiting 21 hours without a response from anyone


I do not work for PG, I’m sorry I can’t help you but I will cc Jared and maybe he can look into it. It may take some time because unfortunately he is looking into a lot of tickets with bans and this event amongst other things @PGJared can you help this guy when you are able?


Inflation - the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services in an economy increases over a period of time.

I do not believe that your purchasing power diminishes over time in the circumstance that you’ve presented. Thus, your grounds for argument is invalid and deserves no attention from higher authorities. That is all.


with the amount of tickets overflowing them (ban, ban appeal, balance change and then points not registering and other stuff)

I wouldn’t be surprised if they have like 4k tickets on their queue.

give them some time. Without much ticket, they would be able to answer you within an hour like what PGJared said in the past when queue is low.

January 09 Ban Wave

When energy is used the cost to use more increases until the clock resets. My cost inflated and I did not receive the points or my energy packs or innerfires.


I’m sure they have a lot of tickets but I don’t care about the cheaters tickets. As a customer that plays fair and spends money correctly on the game, pg should prioritize the customers that have suffered and error from them over cheaters.