Great start to gauntlet - Points Not Registering


that’s not how it works. They have to go through each and every one of those tickets because there might be innocent players that got banned. Those that experienced that is in much more worse situation than your energy pack and inner fire. You can play, but they can’t.


What about the customers who suffered because they were competing with cheaters?

Easy to dismiss stuff when it isn’t happening to you, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening to a lot of people. (Or that you aren’t aware it was happening to you)


Just to make a follow up, PG gave back the 2 Mega coins lost because of the start glitch to my team mate. Thank you @PGJared !


You’re not far off.

January 09 Ban Wave

My team won PvP base but didnt get points


Do you know how long before you can look at my account?


Why my game keeps crashing every time i try to start the event


But i can do everything else on the game


I played like 4 times separately and it crashed but before it crashed i tried to get my rewards and that was a no go to i did play but cant get my rewards from my wins.


And if i play i only get one try and it’s over have to upload the game again so i can play atlas


I’m glad you got your issue resolved. I was asked for my ticket number like 6 or more hours ago. Haven’t heard anything since. Hoping maybe tomorrow pg fixes my account. Losing hope for tonight. Absolutely will not spend any more money until my account is corrected. Depending on outcome, may not spend anymore permanently.


Pg has corrected my account and I am extremely satisfied with there efforts to make right with me. Thank you PGJarod. Sorry I was getting so impatient. I fully support cleaning up the cheaters and thank you again for making good with me!


Hey folks,

So, it turns out or information yesterday was incorrect. We did fix the bug, and energy / Inner Fire(s) did get refunded to players, but mega coins did not. So, first off, I apologize for the issue in the game as well as for us giving you all incorrect information. That should not have happened and there are some serious internal reviews going on to make sure something like this does not happen again.

Secondly, we are sending every player who used a mega coin before the fix the number of mega coins they created, plus one. That means if you used 2 mega coins before the fix you will be sent 3 mega coins. There is a wrinkle to this though; you can only hold 5 mega coins. Any player whose total would reach more than 5 will be contacted by PG staff to make sure you get appropriately credited.

Once again I sincerely apologize for how this event started.


Damn now I wish I used a mega :joy:


Rewarding stupidity. Yay.


Haha yeah. Hey I just used a Mega coin and I didn’t get any points. Oh wait here let me try again. Hmm still no points. Maaaaaybe if I just try one more time…no still no points…:joy:


@pgjared @arelyna
Hello, i sent The support a ticket about an issue am facing on this event
Its almost 2 days but there is no response yet
i do understand the pressure you are facing and the hard work you are doing
But please do me a favor, i need to contribute to the event
Ticket number #987341


What about the ranking, you had done nothing to resolve that. Here you are preaching to us how you stop cheaters and telling we want make sure that the game is fare to everyone yet your actions are complete opposite. You allowed teams to get head starts. Now they get the extra sigils, the incrased ranking, and the minority that obviously you don’t care about get run over because you guys can’t admit you can’t fix the problem and continue to cover it up more and more. Yuo want to be fair to everyone, here is what you do, lower the sigils for top team and give it to the lower teams that got a late start. And remove the ranking so people are not impacted by the late start. That’s what you call fair. Not these silly gifts that you keep sending and the continuous sorry you keep coming back with 2 days later when it’s very clear there are still issues.


Oh lordy another one.


Ranking in this event for the first 3 days have no meaning at all. You can steal everybody’s VP in the last 2 days of the event…