Great start to gauntlet - Points Not Registering


Laurel and hardy tune playing at full volume yet again. Good work team, try drinking less vodka


I haven’t sent a ticket no reply yet, one person on my team Ian only one getting points the rest of team inc me getting 0 points


I’m attacking and it crashed before the attack starts, lost attack once game loads again and both energy and IF used, sent ticket but no reply as of yet


Have * sent a ticket i ment to say


While we are all waiting for them to sort their shit out, the people who can play are gaining an unfair advantage :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Event needs to be restarted so everyone can get points. It’s not fair since some are getting points but most are not. RESTART EVENT!!!


AGREED! RESTART, we having a # for this?


This event is time sensitive so how is it that some teams are able to score points and the rest of us have to sit here and twiddle our thumbs? Hope it gets fixed soon!! @PGjared


Oh what a surprise event not working who would of guessed


Apparently we are just idiots and aren’t doing it right.


same here, seven stable, restarted the game, restarted device, nothing helps. energy full, but almost an hour wasted :frowning: great work pg…


So I’ve just decided that instead of spending £30 on this game, I’m just gonna download some Alan Walker. Jeez he’s more reliable than this game.


Another day in war dragons. Still can’t play the game I invested money into. What a surprise.


I think it’s working. I hear MonstersDesert is getting going again, totally unrelated news.


Same here. One member of our team is getting points and 13 teams have gained points so pretty unfair that they’re getting an unfair advantage, think the event should be restarted.


This is bullshit. Restart the event and make it work.


Only one player on our entire team getting points.


Don’t want you to miss it. @PGJared


I also think it is unfair as some teams are on the third island and we cannot manage the first one.

But we have close to midnight. A restart would mean that noone is awake.

One question:
Are victory points given per hrs I have occupied an island or only one time I have defeated an island?


Only for the defeat, but the island will reset sooner for them, so they can recapture and get the points again, sooner than you’ll be able.