Great start to gauntlet - Points Not Registering


well, it is a brand new event…isnt it?


What’s happening points r not showing I have attack many base but some here is progress and in my only 1 mates have point but others not why???


Sorry about that folks! The team has been looking into this issue. As soon as there’s a fix, I’ll update you all right away.

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No points here either - energy resets but dragons still need to heal. Other team members have the same problem and league chat having a meltdown about it.
Another crappy start to an event and this isn’t a new event or one where everyone uses up their resources in the first half hour. Going backwards here PG!
Ticket raised, guess I get to wait now.


Cheers thats true.




Do we get free stuff since you made us wait and lose heals, inners, megas etc


Hopefully this event is restarted and we are all comped for lost heals fires and energy


Must restart. It’s not fair that some teams have been getting points for awhile but most are not. Restarting is the only fair thing to do.


Megas? If you are using Megas on the first few PVE islands…I. Just. Can’t.
Seriously, I can’t.


Thank you for looking into it


Yeah been using all… so many potions… and nada results :neutral_face:


I’m not but I guarantee some will.


restart sure, but when? I stayed up purely to get some points on the board which isn’t working so if they restart within the next few hours I still get the schaft… grand work guys, first you muck up the dragons through your “rebalance” and now the event start. really grand work…


Need to restart the event to make it fair to all.


Why is this such a common occurance?


Has anyone noticed if the problem is with device OS?

I’m running iOS, no points


My mini is on iOS and only one allowed to get points on its team


A restart wouldn’t be fair to the teams who HAVE earned points legitimately. It’s kind of a lose-lose situation here. No matter what they do, some teams are going to get screwed.

How many times have they run this event now? I find it incredulous that this could get so screwed up.


IOS here and no pts…