Great start to gauntlet - Points Not Registering


This is like legacy pg… am I the only one who kind of missed the apology gifts?


But they have an unfair advantage. Yeah it’s shit they’ll lose the points but then everyone starts on the same footing, rather than teams being way further than others.


Teams who are scoring know it’s not working so they are cheating


It’s worse to make attacks and not get points than it is to restart for everyone.


You mean the gift that really doesn’t help because they don’t give anything worth while?


It’s not unfair if everyone is properly comped for the lost material. Letting others keep their points and progress would be stupid while everyone else is stuck.


2 gold chest and 50 rubies are still 2 gold chest and 50 rubies


I am using Android, no points. Some team mates as well. So nothing to do with operating system


iOS here, not working…


When have you ever seen anyone over lvl 20 properly comped in these situations (of which there are way too damned many, PG)?


PAN HAMMER! Do we gets to pan them?


Force is strong here lol working 100% for i


android here, highly doubt it’s an OS thing, just the usual, screw one thing screw everything


It must be the avatar. Emperor ftw.


Was the event prematurely started and plan to be reset or are teams not getting credit? We are so behind! Some on our team are not getting credit for their Mega Coins as well!


Event should be reset to ZERO points for all.


:thinking: someone let the new guy behind the wheel…



No ticket will help you to speed things up duh :man_facepalming:t2:


In the meantime it is unfair that some teams can get points while other teams cannot. If the event is reset, like it should be, it will then be unfair for those that wasted heals and consumables getting the points.


I am running both iOS and Android and no points on either.