Great start to gauntlet - Points Not Registering


I have attack four times no points


Seems the level 95 globally ranked #1 in event is doing just fine.


How is this possible?


Has to be :joy:


One of our teammates is getting points, he’s on an Android, and says he updated to game version 3.92.3
No updates available on iOS yet.


On the plus side, I’m not having to login to the forums every time I visit them anymore.

That’s a positive, right?

Although, with the sheer amount of threads and posts, they may turn that feature back on/off again :rofl:


There’s. An update for iphone 5s


I agree with you. I do not know how many hours I will have to wait before I will be able to play.


How does my team have over 20 vp lol


I don’t argue any of your points, I’m just saying that a restart is going to create another storm of complaints from those who have been getting points. Like I said, lose-lose. Any way PG handles this now, people are going to complain, and they will have the right to do so.


Jason Napster has 39.8k points. His is working fine👍


Look there.


Did restart lmao :joy: I’m one of the chosen ones lol


That fixed the forum login? Bummer :rofl:


No, it requires 20 more duplicate threads before it’ll be fixed. :see_no_evil:


and I have low of 7.6 gonna go to 8 in a second :joy:


After months of running the most boring event created , you still can not get the same boring rubbish started correctly, come on PG fix your Sh**


I think that PG should restart the team rankings and islands, but allow players to keep the points they earned


. This is what happening


I completely agree, this would be the absolute fairest way to resolve this for everyone.