Great start to gauntlet - Points Not Registering


Want some popcorn?


I agree. Please restart the event.


Anyone who blew a mega on the very first island deserves to have lost their mega. :joy:


I’ve installed the update. Not made any difference.


Well this IS 2018.


Are they working on this issue? Why does it take such a long time?


There is many of issues not just this


PG is working on a fix (and posted in this thread):


hour 2 of the event…Still no points…


Coming to expect this at start of an event. You all need this help PG. you all have great game but way tough many bugs


I think this event is meant to teach us all about the futility of war. Nobody wins, really.


Should not take that much time to fix


I need some inner fires back. Lost 12 in this glitch


They lost my money to Alan Walker. And maybe Coldplay. And imagine dragons. Hmmm the choices.


Buy packs? It’ll fix the event?


Was there a game update? Bc didn’t get one for iOS


OMG it’s a unicorn.




Before you all get too angry, just remember that PG has gone the entire year without any major screw ups. That’s an accomplishment!


Happening on android and Apple devices