Great start to gauntlet - Points Not Registering


Where have you been this past year? :joy:


They better reset …and then give those items that were use by all of use back to us. Because it’s not only the guys who are getting points who have wasted energy chests and rubies etc.


This only works if you specify calendar year.


So far this does not seem to be consuming event items. At least for me it isnt. Only standard items (heals, boosts) are consumed. Event energy and inner fire come back.


This year was alright😂


Thanks I’ll check my account too then


Updating didn’t work


That free chest I have buy with 100 rubis


“more free in 12m”


Your ‘free’ chest is for the gold chest


Wtf I am fruested with this event event don’t which chest


You have a gold chest to open. You will get another bronze chest in 12m nothing wrong with that



This is absolutely pathetic! It’s not even a new event.

We keep saying this but PG, you have to do better.


With my accts on iOS10 and android-8 I’ve no problems so far in this Gauntlet event. But the rest of my team can’t score points atm.

Should I keep playing, or is that considered cheating?


Hahahaha true, a whole 10 days Without a screwup :joy::joy::joy:



You must not be counting Altas. So far in 2018:

  1. They left the banned player’s troops in game with a 10:1 kill ratio, and admitted the error.
  2. They broke the travel time and pathing, where people were stuck for “17,000 days” or were looping between lands and couldn’t break free.
  3. They broke the UI so many devices are unable to scroll down to Deposit into the Banks. They’re still working on that one.


What a dreadful week! I’m stuck in the Atlas loop and now I’m locked out of the event! Seriously what the hell is going on PG! I agree 100% that cheaters should be kicked out but can we now turn all our attention to those of us left before we all leave from pure frustration.


I’ve restarted, uninstalled/re-installed, on both of my accounts/devices and no change. No on in my team except 1 person can score any points, myself included. Fortunately, my IF’s and energy go nowhere. Tried supers, megas, regular attacks…nothing happens.
There are multiple teams rocketing ahead of everyone while we all sit with dick in hand waiting for an old event to work properly. 'Tis unfair, to say the least, to allow those chosen few to get such a headstart because of something we have no control over.
Just wanted to throw my 2 bits in.


Downloaded the update made no difference except making me Uninstall 66mb worth of apps to make room for bullshit fixes for a game I have no access to (Atlas).