Great start to gauntlet - Points Not Registering


They should restart the event once they get it fixed. Only fair way for all teams.


2 hours into it and still nothing? What a hilarious joke


Can we get an Update or can you stop the event for everyone. This is a joke. @PGJared @DragonPunch @Arelyna ??


To resolve:

Fix the issues.
refund heals/energy/inner fires spent by anyone
zero the points
zero the progress
restart the event.


Agree reset the event start it tomorrow and send everyone three mega coins :grin:


It consumed 11 packs of energy (176 total) of mine… only the 16 on the dashboard reset. Inventory is depleting for many, but the dashboard does reset the base 16… does not replace packets used to ‘buy’ more super attacks


Less than an hour until pvp island pop star up. Can we get some kind of report on the fix? Or should we all just ignore everything.


Can we just know how is the process going on for till now


my god man! You didnt stop after the first few wasted ones!?


The post from PG states no one is earning points. If that were true, at least there would be a level playing field. But there are teams succeeding. Given that there are league points at stake, this gives these teams a huge advantage over the majority. The event should be restarted with consumables returned.

It is also worth noting that I tried to submit a ticket in game 5 times. My phone froze each time!


Why should the pvp isle work if the rest is not working?

We have 0 points so attacking us makes no sense.


Even if it’s just to say it’s still being worked on and discussed, an update from PG would be helpful.


Thats what I am saying give some hints so that the player will know what’s going on


Points counting now, but we lost the bonus vp we would get for taking the first island down in less than 1 hour.


Crossing my fingers.


How did you get to the second island, lol.


No that is for the pvp island that will come in 45mins.


Hey everyone! People should be able to receive points for their attacks now. Sorry about that!


What about the advantage given to teams that could attack?


What about points for past attacks? And as someone said, we all weren’t able to get the bonus points for the first island.