Great start to gauntlet - Points Not Registering


Not to mention the VP point and time advantage teams that WERE able to have their points count have received.


Some teams have a huge points advantage where others have not been able to score the event should be reset just for the teams not personal points


Same situation in platinum league. About 14 teams were able to score points. One team is now on the forth island with 26k points.



Great! Lets talk about that apology chest :wink:


Am I getting the energy and IF I have apparently spent ?


No time to stop while on break… but still pretty stupid of me


Will there be replacement of the mega coin spent? I understand the glitch, things happen as frustrating it may be. However, some are loosing monetary valued items.


Energy ‘packs’ spent haven’t been reset… or points given… and still charging higher rate for refills


What about resetting the team points back to 0, seriously PG, that is not cool


Glad to finally be scoring but team is at a huge disadvantage now


You need to reset points and restart. We are 3hrs and 100k pts behind because of this problem.


“Sorry about that!” just doesn’t seem an adequate response in an event that affects teams’ global ranking points.


Yeah. I prefer a metaphorical pat on the back, too!


I am highly disappointed with that response.
You had some time to investigate the error behind the problems. You / the coding team seemed to have managed that. Hopefully the bugs are gone (as the game seems to be faster now).

At the same time the social media team could have looked into how to deal with the situation. Many teams got a disadvantage for not participating in the event they wanted. Living in EU we now have deep night so only a few could wait until the bug is fixed.Therefore we will start massively behind some teams of our league.

So are there any discussions regarding that topic? Or maybe even a decision?


I don’t know if it’s been suggested yet or not, but if the event is not restarted, at the very least, the team ranking points reward from the team rewards should be REMOVED from this event.

No reason some teams should have an advantage and be rewarded for this bug.



This is BS! It’s like they just gave points to their friends & screw the rest of us. Plus their friends will also get apology prizes!! Win, win for them & lose, lose for the rest of us.


That is still being discussed internally before any statements are made.


With problems similar to these arriving so often, would it not be prudent to start having a contingency plan or a plan in play on how to satisfy players during this type of thing prior to the event starting? You may not know the exact bug but you can certainly have an idea of the impact a broad spectrum of bugs would have and what the fix is to satisfy your customers.


We do have multi-option contingency plan, but we are investigating the total impact of the issue before making the final determination. Severity of issue, number of players impacted, and duration of issue are all important. We should have things sorted out in just a few more minutes.