🛡 greater alliance shields & banners

Could we please have some Greater Alliance Team Banners … what with Death Over Atlas renaming itself after a popular Hollywood Franchise that unfortunately for those of us who were actually into it failed so miserably at the box office conclusion to wit shall never be seen! Beside Resurgence and DREAD there are several other Factions that aren’t given Cred… and while we all know the familiar trick of changing shields at PvP to disguise oneself as member of some Event Alliance we can actually legitimize shield banners so they not only reflect Greater Alliance in border, color or make, with emblematic identifiers of regency and sub classification… (see other similar suggestion here in Forums) but these maybe locked so might only be displayed by legitimate Alliance Members… and hey, it’ll help prevent all misbegotten frustration especially if and when Atlas Land Shuffle kicks in!


[sure I know it’s been suggested a number of times but this time take it from me… it’s coming from someone who actually designed infrastructure and devices this game is being played on… ain’t just Glibberish when it’s for y’all’s best interest - keep it in mind if’n y’all got mind for keepin’ - comments and feed back welcome especially wanna hear from others who started playing way when back with War Dragons BETA?]

I always thought DOA stood for “dead on arrival”


Common misconception, the real meaning: Domineer Our Allies.


Oh thanks I always thought DOA was for Dread’s Only Ally and DREAD for DoA Really Exists As Dread!?!

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Weird you don’t know that , your team was doa :man_shrugging:t2: . You must be new player there .

We don’t need credentials :man_shrugging:t2:

If there is one thing I really hate in this game it is large alliances in main game events. If you are part of the big alliance you spend your whole time trying to deal with friendly fire, and if you are not then being hammered by 10 teams at the same time is not enjoyable. So NO this is a stupid idea.

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:thinking: How about those teams refusing to pick one side?

I imagined something like

  • SuperGem
  • Mighty D
  • Super Pirate A
  • Infamous Raider T
  • and other self credentials

Still too many credentials. Also, no guarantee that one will stay at one alliance.

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Dip. Olives. Anchovies.

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@OrcaFrost and @Eff … (@flumpie don’t mean y’all no disrespect but Frozen Free Willie and The Eff Word I’ve seen around the block) but seeing as this is open forum and open to suggestions … whatchall think on this then … why don’t we move all Team Action to Atlas and return War Dragons to what it used to be … where we bred and raised dragons to compete in tournaments, showing off individual prowess, winning prizes and traded amongst ourselves for resources and goodies to grow and get better… and heck let players earn their place on teams… wanna be on a team challenge another for your place and win it … we ain’t gotta love one another to play together but loving the game might just have the effect on us all that we might more respectfully engage one another in a more sportingly friendlier way…

Kingdom Wars let loose in Atlas would settle the land barons hold over real estate but fast … whereafter human nature would soon take over and there be revolutions and civil wars that break up what everybody’s so bent up in knots over holding together - Stag Nation … what was it prophets once said about our supposedly real world … something about beware the desolation of the Obama Nation? Change just maybe inevitability… science once thought the same of entropy…

Atlas grew outta War Dragons and then somebody dropped the ball somewhere along the way and ever since we been square pegging a round hole while round pegging the square one…

War Dragons BETA was beautiful… we flew 3D Dragons through 3D Virtual Space by Motion Control, Bred Own Designer Dragons to Compete in Tournaments then traded Eggs of Champions with others… we dive bombed Grounds Crew who screamed and died horribly (now smile and wave if tapped) got extra points for burning blackbirds in flight, showed skill by taking out certain targets while leaving others standing, and got Special Easter Eggs for knocking Home Dragon off Perch … (now just flaps its wings and squawks like a chicken) now as screen scroller is a shame!

… and for those who missed it the tongue in cheek suggestion that these two Greater Alliance might in fact be Allies if not in some profound way one and the same … what they are is a foundation of kingdoms comprised of those who’ve earned their places by investing in all likelihood a heck of a lot more than Pocket Gems ever did or likely will… and while I’ve joined teams of divers factions in my travels throughout … I do however respect these facts … but when reaching out to those in the know or those who control said Lofty Houses & heard diddly back. They’re busy - I’m nobody!

I have flown with members of Creators Faction (various bloggers and vloggers whom I greatly admire cause if you only knew what their real lives are like - how do they find the time - yet they seem to have one thing in common - joy for the game & respectful responsibility towards us & our community of fellows and friends) so while Creators Faction host varying individual views… forums is our common ground for a more collective and open discussion… as such I opened this thread to aspire towards a more common ground of what’s right … what’s real … and what’s worth celebrating, identifying and building… that because like so many friends who left this game this year… I too have been struggling with it… I once loved the game… I do love the people… everybody seems to hate PG (the myth not those with whom we interact regularly … and bear disjointed opinions about these other myths - Resurgence & Dread and the several others who actually seem to have faces to put with their names … so yeah … loving the feed back … feed the fires and the beasts and @PGGalileo didn’t I see a guitar in some game stream somewhere? Let’s dance!

Yes, we where. There’s a reason we left. Although your right. They left before I got there. About one week iirc.

@OrcaFrost oh my Chilly Willy :cold_face: always love how you warm every room and heat up every heart … I still say unleash Kingdom Wars in Atlas and it’ll all be over before you know it … it’s already setup for it but for clustering Kingdoms and Alliances Great and Small with a Free Zone and Red Zones and oceans abound where once the fog lifts from the as yet distant shores of the Lords of Shuffle … I don’t know how y’all spell FOOD FIGHT in Atlas but at least in War Dragons it’s still tributes of 1 Gold 1 Lumber & 1 Food

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