Greatest Discount Dragon of All Time

Who wins the title in your opinion?
Note: let us only consider the dragon themselves and not say their runes (sorry Leos), the max tier that they reached or their costs. Also doesnt matter if you personally got it or not

  • Necryx
  • Krelos
  • Asura
  • Dreth
  • Gunnar
  • Other (specify)

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Krelos is better and even this seasons involer but necryx will always be in my heart, best set up dragon for me


It pained me to not be able to vote for necryx too. I just think krelos has had more impact on the game than necryx has had, which is why I had to put it on the pedestal.


I agree. I love necryx so much and I think he is one of the best looking dragons we’ve ever had. For sure he beats fugly Krelos in that department but I do have to give it to Krelos also.

Plus just the time that Krelos saves running repetitive and tedious attacks. Invaders and pve bases sucks so hard before him


Well Necryx was the first dragon that made a small grumpy actually useful so personally it’s had more of an impact for me than krelos. Although game wide krelos is like ember: changed the game.


I had to give it to necryx but damn it was close. He was the first dragon in my playtime that people got hyped for. He was accessible, fun, and strong. I loved that dragon way back then.

A VERY close second is krelos. While he isn’t as fun, or useful in true flights, his speed just makes things easier. But as I personally use him just to get stuff chores done I don’t think I can say he was the best discount for me


I derped and randomly mentioned kullecid :rofl:


Necryx was the very first seasonal line that I ever completed. I almost didnt and tried to start Chimerak (an old leader of mine told me more dragons was better than 1 finished dragon :face_vomiting: :fu:t3:) but luckly I kept with Necryx and damn did I love him and his big beautiful blood dripping face :heart_eyes:

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I dont have any of them, but based on my base defended, krelos is really hard to defend. She cant kill my base 100% but i cant kill her too.

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Axi was awesome


Also not a discount, axi was a festive


Krelos 100% — I still hate myself for going for the base boost instead of him :unamused: — I’m never going to spend sigils on week 1 again, since I always seem to find out on week 2 that the other discount is better.

Krelos can be killed (or hit) by anything that isn’t a projectile: pylons, storm towers, and (most frequently) lightning towers.

Yeah I like that one even if he was broken as well so technically Surt 2.0

But still Necryx should be resurrected to it wouldn’t have the shield to survive but hey at least he can sand or maybe a veteran dragon of himself

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A dragon doesn’t need a shield to survive :wink:

It all depends on how the flier flies the dragon. If the flier is careful, the dragon won’t need a shield to survive.

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No pylons and no lightling currently. Maybe after doing research for ligtnings, i can build them.

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You have to do research to build lightnings? It’s been a while since I’ve been a low level :sweat_smile: (I’m a mid-level 400)

No? Pretty sure you just have to reach the right level? Maybe what he means is he needs the research to make his lightnings better?


:sob: I didn’t get Necryx but at least I have that awesome Necryx portrait to ease the cruel sting of past bad decisions.

Krelos has saved me to so much time though on invaders, CGs with no marshals and PvE bases. :heart_eyes:


Granted some of the old festives were discounted but I thing Axi was the first of the non-discounted festives since Springveil didnt have a festive. None of them would be in the same league as Krelos or Necryx though

They used to discount festives?