Green egg for research


Check the attached pics.
Already tried below but no success.


did you complete an egg? it will only add 1 if it completes the egg


fragment 59 / 60

+1 egg fragment obtained from breeding


fragment 0 / 60


It cost 800 egg tokens for 1 green egg, just FYI.
You have 10 green eggs left to complete the research.
You need 8k egg tokens to get the remaining green eggs.


Then I better leave it. 8 k is costly. I will better working on center lines.


if you are still in green tier, then just complete the dragon that you haven’t discovered yet or anything that would unlock the next tier. It should give you at least some green egg while you do those breeding.


I have platinum legendary.


Just ignore research then and focus on breeding for better dragons :see_no_evil:

Edit: Missed the second screenshot - grab the extra starting dragon rage + hunter ammo, as Mike mentioned


Would you leave hunter +2 ammo research? :wink:
Its definitely worth doing that imo even at the cost of few eggs if someone can pause progress for a week or so.
But seeing that he is Plat legendary, :zipper_mouth_face:


The hunter boosts and the starting rage are worth every egg token needed :slight_smile:


As for myself I wanted the extra supershots if you break a shield :grin:


that one didn’t appeal to me much so i skipped it… let me know if you find it useful.


Priority changes as I’m lvl 99 now and need to plan carefully. Now I need tokens for sapphire breed and timers for fortification. That’s why I’m concentrating on center line for high xp booster, healing time, research time etc. I will come back to those rage and hunter ammo later.


oh dont! exp and healing time is NOTHING compared to the hunter boosts. i didn’t find hunters useful until i got those two things… big difference.


Yeah @XG7682, at your level you are entering territory where hunters begin to take over as main dragons. Granted the rage would be nice on ALL dragons but the hunter ammo is really needed. I would concentrate on that as priority 1 research and fill in the rest later.

xp boost is very helpful as well. Healing time not so much as the benefits are minimal compared to other research. Even the research time seems like it would help, but you are going to find that your Research Hall is going to be sitting idle a lot more than you think, even though up to this point it has probably been researching non stop.


Ok ladies and gentlemen. On public demand, I’m gonna choose hunter energy :sweat_smile:


Be careful you have enough tokens to get to gold though - I bought hunter at 70 right before the price was halved. By coincidence I need 35 green eggs to get to gold. I’m done with green and gold tiers - so I’d have to buy the eggs. Can’t afford 28k tokens with the cost of platinum legendary and sapphire drags. I’m basically done with research, unless PG finds it in their hearts to give the half price green research to all. I’d make sure you complete that last green research before buying research off the main branch.


I don’t know if others agree with this that are farther along than me, but I didn’t bother with the research time research as I figured I’d run out of research eventually anyways lol. I’d love for a second opinion as I made that call before the reduction in price, but still I feel like I don’t care about waiting an extra day or whatever…


It does matter. My current max Xp for my base lvl 99 is 14.4 k and it is not easy to make these Intermediate breeder dragon to make breedble within breed event to take advantage of event points specially on my current platinum tier. Also I’m not big spender, so need to plan for speedup carefully. This is where research does what is supposed to do.


I don’t get what this has to do with research time, but like I said I recommend a second opinion. The dragon XP is on a different line than the research time reduction.

Edit - though I am still confused, it’s cost is low so I’m sure it’s fine getting the research reduction. 3.2k eggs worth.


What dragons to breed for Orange eggs for research?