Green research broken?


Can anyone verify whether the green research tier is a actually working? I researched the extra starting rage, extra energy bars for hunter, and mill capacity 20% and see no difference.


I’ve only done the +4 lightning and treb since the cost change, but it bumped my displayed defense power as soon as it finished. I assume it worked :man_shrugging:t2:


At least it’s cheaper now. Functionality costs extra… I hope it works for you.


The tower enhancments do seem to work. I picked up one of the lightning towers as well and saw a little jump, but I don’t think the other lines are working as advertised. 20% mill increase should have done something, and then the more obvious ones like 2 extra energy bars for hunters and extra starting rage, but I want to see if I’m the only one. I’m happy that we can verify the tower portion at least.


Bahaha fantastic. There should have been a disclaimer lol.


Good to know. Actually working toward the starting rage myself when I get the spare eggs, don’t wanna waste 24k+ and not start with a full bar. Hopefully it starts working for you.


If it’s not working, it would explain the drop in defence power many users expereinced. Did we ever get an explanation for this?


They said they tweaked some of the nodes along with the cost reduction, but so far the tower nodes still work from what I can tell. The nodes in the other lines don’t seem to be working properly at all.


Energy bar for hunter = working

Extra mill storage capacity/protection = in theory its working, except practically most people misunderstand it. It allows the total amount of wood that can collect in the mill before it “caps” go up.

Eg if you don’t get raided, and previously the unharvested stack could go up to 100k, it now goes up to 120k. In other words - total waste of research

Extra hunter ammo = working


Ahhh thanks for the explanation for the capacity, and I agree with the waste. Didn’t equate that to “storage”. How can you tell for energy bar? Did you get the extra starting rage? When I start out it was the same as before I picked up the node.


Rage stripe starts one higher (aka second from top) or top depending on where you are. Eg it.doesn’t add.more total rage, you just start with.a bigger portion prefilled

Hunter had extra shot on his bar - it takes me 10 odd.shots in.rapid fire.before hunter out of.ammo


once you maxed out all the rage research, you start with 5 rage point. So players who are able to complete them, will always start with full rage.


Research is working as far as I can tell. I start each run with full rage as of yesterday, and I definitely have more ammo for my hunters.


If I have all the rage starters from red to green research, I should have full rage yes?


Yes you should be at full rage starting


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