Green Research Eggs dilemma

Help! I’ve been breeding pandi and viscus over and over to get more green research eggs and it’s not working. What am I doing wrong?

I’m currently breeding platinum level. But since I can’t go further in research …all avenues are blocked to gold and up. :exploding_head:

I think it takes 800 tokens for a green egg


Also are you sure it’s green you need? Many people make the mistake of confusing green with gold

Yes, I’ve spent 4 x that amount with no results. ??!!??

Post s screenshot of your builder hut with the eggs you need. I bet it’s gold

Sorry I misread. If you go to the research you are trying to do, and it says 0/2 eggs or something, click on the egg picture and it will take you to breeding

Ok that’s green. You have 4/35 eggs is that going up at all? To breed 31 eggs is going to take you 31 x 800 tokens

Correct. It’s not going up at all.

Ok there’s another combo you can use for green I think let me check

Dumb question. Have you hatched Garzev yet? Or is he still in egg form?

Ankor and Nix

It maybe should be mentioned that many many people have not completed green research due to the prohibitive token cost. You should get green eggs naturally if you are following a breeding path but not enough to complete all green research. @TheRedDelilah recommends free or moderate spending players not to waste tokens on green eggs for research as it will slow your progress on dragons.

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Does it matter?
I thought it will be fine even if the egg hasn’t been hatched as long as the egg has been obtained previously

  1. I spent some, since 12% exp boost in gold seems rewarding for non elite…
  2. It’s not Lawful Good (I think :sweat_smile:) …
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I do think it might matter actually. There have been reports of those eggs not tallying up (you get the checkmark of completion, but it will also try and make you incubate the egg. I think if this scenario happens then it doesn’t count it as an extra)


Please tell me you aren’t doing this outside of the breed event. Not my tokens but I’m still feeling the pain. :sob::sob::sob:


Lol, I was going to ask the same thing. I haven’t wasted tokens on research in a very long while. :t_rex:

In my case, the only time (after joining team) I breed outside breeding is during fort, to get enough research egg (green. At the time, my cheapest was naga :sob:)

You must still bear the scars. :flushed:. Hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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