Green tier evolution stones

I’ve been researching but I’m not getting enough to understand how to get green tier evolution stones

You can get green tier evolution stones for the dragons that need them by using seasonal sigils (e.g. Winterjol sigils) to purchase them in the seasonal menu. Once you have the evolution stone, you simply need to level the dragon up; when it gets high enough to evolve to green tier, the evolution stone will be used instead of food to level the dragon up.

Once the season in which that dragon was released has ended, it is not possible to acquire additional evolution stones for it. So if you want to get a green evolution stone for Jarl, for example, you can do that now by spending Winterjol sigils in the seasonal menu. But if you want to get a green evolution stone for Cavaleris, for example, it is no longer possible to do so, since the season in which he was released has ended.

If you’re talking about research, though, that doesn’t require evolution stones - it requires dragon eggs of that tier. You can get those by breeding dragons of that tier (e.g. green dragons) more than once. Each time you breed a dragon of that tier - after the first time you breed it - you will get an egg of that tier. So if you repeatedly breed green dragons, you’ll get green eggs that you can use for research.


A screenshot of exactly what you are looking for would be helpful, though @AeanaeA has explained every possibility I could think of. Know which dragon you want the stone for, specifically, would be helpful.

moreover, choose a breeding path ( i suggest the cheapest) @Axiclifer

Red’s Best! Red - Harbinger seems a good 1


Cuauhtll, also Coatl. And I’m guessing orange evolution stones can no longer be obtained. How do I get to the seasonal store is? Thanks everyone for all the help

Sorry. Past divine dragons, as well as their evolution stones are no longer available.

Also, since Coatl starts at orange, there is no orange evo stone…
:thinking: Since you have Tor’s avatar, I’m confused on how you didn’t know…
It’s under Season tab during event.

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I figured out how to access the seasonal store

Thank you, I really appreciate it!

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With this, may I assume that this has been solved?


Thread resolved… solution given and OP satisfied… closing thread