GREEN tier research is a pain and very costly

So I’m In the upper end of garnet tier with my green tier research still incomplete. With 40 eggs to hatch a green egg and 20 eggs tokens a piece that is 800 for my I still need 225 green eggs that comes to 180,000 egg tokens which is maybe a breed or 2 event by itself. If I did my math correct I may just do 10k or 20k extra each breed. I used ankor and nix but their are several other parents as well. Oh I did complete gold onward reseach

You should have seen it before it was greatly reduced in cost. Green was the end of research for a good while.

It’s quite possible to plot a path through and get into the next tier as well as target the more important research items, but collecting them all is an extremely costly way forward.


Like Eidolon said, you don’t need to research them all.


I’ve heard from higher tier players just didn’t finish it. I thought maybe there was a way. But guess not. Though its nice only spending 7 tokens instead of 20 now.

I wish they could revamp green tier research to have a central line that would connect to all the advanced tiers, and two separate green tier branches for all those extra research.

:scream: Focus on progression first, especially if you’re not whale, since


There is a way, just look at the research tree, many of them don’t lead to anything. You don’t have to research everything


Researching everything is similar to breeding everything, just a really really bad idea unless you for some reason need to get rid of $50.000 real fast. It will absolutely cripple your progression.


lol you think green is bad i only want 4 nodes in emerald and it’s 558k tokens still have obsidian and harb after that’ll be exponentially worse i’m sure

I think research in whole needs to be revamped

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I notice they added up to vangaurd research

Research was added long ago during a time of content shortage and pg added that feature originally to provide whales something to spend on when they were no longer able to participate in a breed event due to having nothing left to breed.

And it has historically been very pricy for that exact reason and over time pg has discounted lower tier research to allow players a chance to complete some of the lower level research but that feature is truly for spenders and those at end game.

And if you streamline this feature spenders will quickly complete
it and then have nothing to spend tokens on when they run out of dragons at end game.

And this topic arises once or twice a year and if pressed pg will basically
tell you exactly what I just told you.

So best we can hope for is a increase in discounts for the lower levels of research.

Just a legacy players perspective of this topic and some history to add some clarity as to why it’s so expensive :+1:

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