Greetings from Ultimateheros! We’re looking for atlas members specially and also want to fulfil empty slots asap

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night🌷 We still have 33 more spot left if anyone is interested in joining please PM me in game or apply to our team. We’ve already got alliance 5TA team, have castles infrastructure and already have atlas access. We’re a good team! Here’s no pressure. You can play with your mood. We’re serious about team war and currently focusing on atlas. That’s why for the first time I’ve come here for recruiting purposes for our team. So those who wants to cooperate us and help our team to go to better league they’re always welcome. Please don’t apply if you’re not active or serious. We’re looking for active members specially. And higher level player also can apply. We’ll provide aforesaid position in our team for higher level members. And fair case we allow also low activity members but not inactive! We’re in gold league 1. Our minimum level is 25. No problem if you join after event end. Well, take care! Thanks for understanding and reading with patience!


What level are do people need to be to apply? What league are you in? How do you guys manage when it comes to events? Are you guys talkative or not?

Stuff like that like would be nice to know as well. Maybe add a few details that might grab peoples attention and make your team stand out compared to others.

Thanks for your suggestion! Alright, we’ve edited the info.

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