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I’m trying to get to the heart of a few discussions, I realized a lot of people throw around the term “griefing” and it can mean a wide variety of things.

So I wanted to ask the forum, what does “griefing” mean when members of this forum say it?

Griefing is the act of irritating and angering people in video games through the use of destruction, construction, or social engineering. Popularized in Minecraft by teams, griefing has become a serious problem for server administrators who wish to foster building and protect builders.
— first Google search that came up

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It actually has many meanings. I wanted to know what this group uses. Are you saying this is the definition everyone here uses?

Looks like it :eyes::

It doesn’t matter how the players define it. It’s PG’s definition of what it is and it’s intentionally left vague so PG can interpret it however they want.

That is kind of why I am asking. I don’t know PG’s definition, and it’s very possible differnt people mean different things. For the sake of being on the same page, I was seeking context when talking to various people… It was actually something Gox said that I realized could be interpreted more than one way that caused me to ask. (It still generally means the same thing, but the nuance is important to me)

I get the feeling I’m being given the search for yourself, but I had already done so. I was asking this way for a reason.

There are probably many definitions, even within just War Dragons. I’d consider it a part of balancing the many parts of the game so that each is fun and rewarding for many players. Counter-intuitively, sometimes griefing-protection can be for the attacker’s own benefit too – e.g., during the week’s capture the flag event it isn’t possible to repeatedly attack the same player … that doesn’t really have a huge impact on the defender (since they aren’t loses resources or points or anything) but makes things a bit more fun for the attacker (if the best strategy is to hit one player over and over then many of us, myself included, would do it … but it’s definitely more fun to have to seek out at least some diversity of enemies!).

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