Grinding Chests Between Events

I’ve been thinking about this for the past week or so while trying to finalize my season planner (the season planner, not another self-thought plan) for my mythic run. I just thought it may be helpful to me and anyone else who wants to get a mythic, to be able to get chests from monuments between events. And now, since we have possession of an in-game inventory, we can look over our bronze chests when the event screen disappears on Tuesdays. Of course the rubies could stay in there too and completely disappear as always when events start, but I just thought this would be nice for those who are pushing for a mythic or just feel like they’ll need extra resources in an upcoming event.


The only time monuments have a chance to drop days of timers is between events. That’s a short window between events, but getting chests all the time would kill that chance.

So I don’t know if this suggestion is a good one…

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I thought timers dropped during events too. I didn’t know they only dropped between events. I guess you can close the thread now.

The drop chance for higher than 3h speedups is incredibly low. Similar to the drop chance of gold chests, 1/1000 monuments was it? Would love to see the actual drop rate.

Im all pro chest drops in between events. During that time nothing goes on an it would be nice to make a few extra sigils/event preparation there.


I don’t think that’s still a thing. If it is, I haven’t gotten one since the 1, maybe 2 I got closer to when they announced this.

Is it still a thing for real? If so it’s broken af

I have never got one, so I’m pretty much believing that there are 1 or 2-days timers between events… It was implemented, that’s all I can say. As far as I know from experience, that’s Dragon Mythology…

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They exist and the drop is about 400/1 per PG
same as gold for a 24hr timer :+1:
Having tested drop for the last 5 yrs I can say that’s fairly accurate
And it can be driven down as low as 250/1 depending on variables

I haven’t seen someone trying to claim timers from attacks yet, but i will give a chance to see whats the average :thinking:

Chasing for a mythical drop some doubts its existence to be true or having bronze chest with higher potential to get timer and stuff, hmmmmmmm tough decision :smirk:

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This seems like an old thing that shouldn’t apply any more. It would be a great QOL improvement to have chests always available.


@PGGalileo @PGJared @pgEcho @PGEggToken is this proposal something to consider? :slight_smile:

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