Grog, final skill development


Just finished the Grog branch and brought him to Expert, Level 50 - somehow I can’t finish his development.

Even claimed all shards from the branch I seem to miss something… any idea what I did wrong?


I remember a post from PG about not being able to get all skills and that it was intentional. Which is fine imo but afaik there’s nothing in the game that tells you that


Hmm… will try to check the old forums - thank you


You picked all the resists, you should have picked one ,and then the latter skills

The other riders are the same - you would need roughly a lvl 70 rider, to get all the skills maxxed.

Eg its choices, not a pick everything scenario.

I’ve asked that they make a “undo” button, so folks that make this mistake have an option to pick again.

Dragon Rider Skills

@PGEcho is working with the team to make a lot of improvements to the Rider UI. It is intentional that riders can only unlock a fraction of the possible skills, but I think you’re spot on with your feedback about better communicating that. We just started chatting about ways to do that without cluttering the (planned new) UI. Being able to reset skill points is interesting too, but realistically I don’t think it is going to make it into this next update for riders – but hopefully by better communicating the limits we’ll get most of the benefit much sooner.

Rider skill set
Dragon Rider Skills

VERY important question about these resists though…

If a dragon has no natural archer resist and gets 7% from a rider do they actually get 7% archer resist?
This is a pivotal question.

Right now if I research +10% archer resist it does nothing to a dragon with no archer resist.
Right now if I add an archer resist rune to a dragon with no archer resist it does nothing.

If the rider gives the dragon archer resist will it now benefit from research and runes?
Does 7% from the rider result in 17% if you have it researched, and higher if you rune for it?


No they don’t. It works like normal runes. If you have the resist, it adds, if you don’t it doesn’t.


Ouch… so you are likely forced into a resist that you gain zero benefit from!

In that case all resists should be side branches. Spending that much on something with no effect on your dragon at all is disheartening. :disappointed:

I appreciate the three pronged choice, but out of all the resists out there the odds are still not in your favor.


I don’t think those are bad, also you only need to choose one in order to move on.
I picked lightning resist as I put Grogg on Necryx, but I also often equip LT Res on other dragons so it can be useful on others too. Then I finished the final boost skills and then went back and maxed some other skills with the 25 leftover skillpoints.

The most useless skills on Grogg are the two (2!) skills that boost rider XP since he doesn’t level with XP. But I doubt those will ever get changed and we don’t have enough skill points to level those skills anyway…


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