Grogg dragon rider xp buff changed?

Just went back into Grogg to take a look and I noticed that the dragon rider xp buffs have now been changed to dragon xp buff. When did this happen? Needless to say my decisions on research would be different today!

That’s probably a good thing, as seasonal riders can’t do anything with rider xp, though I’d have dumped extra points there instead…

I didn’t notice that. I’m glad they did though. I know a number of people who got confused and levelled up rider xp when it was useless. It shouldn’t have been an option

I agree but I would have ditched the cannon and archer resist research and gotten the dragon xp buff research.

@PGCrisis @PGEggToken Any chance Grogg can get a reset based on the change? :crossed_fingers:

One can hope :joy:

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Pretty please? :heart_eyes: :pray:

I still have his leftover points untouched, cool! So I can get some more xp from him

Same here, I had not spent that extra 25 points so dumped 15 into the XP skills for a total of 8.5%. Still have 10 points left for totem debuff or partial on an extra resist

This seems rather pointless to have done if they dont let us redistribute his skill points. Id definetly like to dump the canon resist I got for extra XP gain. This is the problem with changing things later on, it screws over people who chose a certain build based on the information at the time

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So how about resetting Grogg for everyone that has him, eh PG?

Or is this just going to be another Tarand and Sage runegate fiasco?

I have about had it with everything changing AFTER the fact. Ok, people couldn’t read and tell the difference between rider and dragon Xp, that’s on THEM. But to underhandedly, with no warning, change Grogg? That’s some flat out bullshit.

So, how about resetting his skill tree for EVERYONE that has him…

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I agree even if I’m not concerned because I didn’t “mess up” with Rider xp. But if you do reset Grogg’s branch let everyone ingame know with an official announcement. So we don’t wonder why our Rider Grogg suddenly become so weak.

Thank you in advance.

I didn’t mess up either, it I’d sure love the chance to have all that extra dragon Xp…

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