Grogg for non atlas players


As my team has not had access to the beta we have very limited information on riders, and particularly on grogg. As he is going on sale I may think about my strategy.

I would like to understand what if any limitations are applicable to grogg if I use him outside of atlas. I appreciate any information anyone can give. I will be passing this on to my team as it’s very new to us.

Thanks in advance for your help on understanding riders and how to use them. :hugs:


PG has said before that Grogg is available to obtain and level for all players. Atlas riders need xp to level up and rider xp can only be obtained when doing Atlas attacks. I would think this restriction is either eliminated or changed to gain xp in normal attacks. I don’t have Grogg so can’t confirm. Riders still give their bonuses outside of Atlas attacks, they just don’t get xp. Atlas riders also need Atlas-exclusive rider shards to hire and level but Grogg has his own kind of shards available in his season branch.


Dragon Riders giving boosts for Us (beta players) only at Beta attacks for the moment.
You can craft clothes for your rider which gives a extra HP or Atk boost - same as leveling your rider you can choose “Skills” you want to unlock like more Dragon HP , EXP , ATK or extra % on Lightning … Archer Ressists ect.

Regular riders needing XP and RiderShards to lvl up and they arent that easy to get… unless you are a spender…

Grogg doesnt need those shards or XP - he comes with his skull shards instead and with Gears - or clothes (depends how you like them to call :-D) … his clothes have the same boost Legendary ones giving u on regular Riders (but very rare to get)

I can strongly recommend to get Grogg String done


Completing the Grogg line for sake of getting it at a discount for non beta or for those not having access to the atlas if there is no benefit doesn’t make sense. I know I have seen some say they can’t bind the rider to a dragon since they don’t have atlas or that there is no benefit since you can’t earn rider XP without atlas. It would be great if we could get some official word on what is what on the rider if you are not part of beta with the atlas.


Is Grogg permanently bound to a single dragon or can he be moved? I understand there are some limitations with the riders gear and the element type of the dragon. Can anyone speak to this with regards to grogg and non atlas players?

Or… Are we banking on atlas being released soon and us platinum players get to take advantage of it then?


He can be bound to any dragons. Just click on the new dragon you want to bound to then bound.

All riders are ELEMENT NEUTRAL, aka can be bounded to any type of dragons. Only GEARS are restricted to the element.


Is it a permanent bind for the rider? Or can I move him. Specifically grogg


You can remove him aswell


Hi Wulvie,

I didn’t know until I got the first piece of gear in the Grogg tree, the gear is “Dark” element. If you’ve bound Grogg to a dragon of a different element, you can’t equip the gear. Once you equip the gear you can’t bind Grogg to a dragon of a different element without paying rubies to remove the gear from Grogg.

It’s not a deal breaker, but I wish I’d known.


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