Grogg’s Gear Upgradeable?

Grogg’s gear received as rewards in current season are rare with no level up requirements nor any wa

y to level the gear in forge that I can see. Although all other types of gear can be leveled to Legendary.

  1. Can we level up Grogg’s gear, if so how?
  2. If not, why not?

When leveling up gear, it does not change it’s rarity.

Grogg’s gear is already max stats for rare.


Nice name! i had to google to find out who Chuck Yeager was :star_struck:

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Damn, I must be Getting old then.
Even I know Chuck without using Google and I live in europe🧐


The pilot of the X1

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First man to fly supersonic speeds as well, I believe…

No google needed here


I guess this is really off topic, though.

Not really off topic. Much better name than mine. Turdcutter… Who’d have thunk to name it after a respected pilot. That Red is always bounds ahead in so many ways! :+1:

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