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I just scrolled through the forum and found this post:

Continuing the discussion from Changing Owner of a Group Chat:

I really would lile to restart this discussion. I think a lot of players (especially officers and leaders) would benefit from it when the group owner can deposit a representative. We all enjoy playing WD. But sometimes life comes in between or you get banned or want to leave the team. So the old team have to set a new group chat for war/RSS/leadership or whatever. It takes a lot of time (OK OK OK not a LOT of time but still time u could spend for hunting) to write down all 49 members. So what do you think about these suggestions:

  1. The group owner can deposit a representative. He/She can add and kick group members.
  2. Re-name a group chat?! Owner and representstive can change the group name.
  3. Simple adding: it would be really cool, if we could just write the team name to add ALL members! Like writing a group mail you just have to write the team name.
    (3.1. Do it like atlas alliance chat! A automatic kick and join in group chat would be great! When a member get kicked and another joins team, the chat will update automatically!)

And - crazy thought-
4. How about the option to “kick leader”? I know from a team that their leader stopped playing WD and was inactive. The team had 49 very activ member and no chance to kick the leader. They had to create a new team and start from bottom. Maybe u can add the option to demote the leader? Like if all the officers says yes, you can demote the leader and an officer becomes the new leader. Or something like that…

I really hope the community thinks similar. If yes please like the post! Maybe PG will see it and can change some thing. And if not… Just ignore it. :sweat_smile: and if u have better ideas just write it.


PS: Sorry if my english is not perfect. I’m from Germany

:exploding_head: :joy:


Your English is loads better than my German (I only speak English lol). You did a great job explaining your ideas and I would seriously like to see some of these implimented. Especially the updating team chats that aren’t the offical “team chat”.

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