Growing tidal wave of players leaving

I have observed a stark increase in players leaving during the last and current seasons. Im sure most of you have observed this too. I’m guessing that with Bronze and Silver leagues effectively disestablished and the rest of the leagues struggling to find players and increasingly relying on alts, the game has lost ~40% of the player base.

I haven’t seen this rate of decline before so just wondering if anything will be done or its inevitable that the game has about one season left, before the last whale turns off the light.

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You have numbers to prove this?

This sounds oddly familiar to stuff I’ve heard a couple seasons ago lol


We have mentioned this time and again bronze silver and gold leagues are completely redundant how many platinum league teams are without 50/50 players many! A mass of old established teams have vanished no more to be seen and PG just think an extension of atlas will reboot revitalize everything when boredom of monotony rote of weekly events and nothing resolved in other areas of the game more rot sets in. What is there to incentivize new players a million dead bronze teams not much better in silver and so on and upper leagues unable to recruit the players they need and increasing numbers of alts propping up teams which does little for the morale of those within those teams being ever more reliant on fewer people! Pg like listening to broken records - we have been over the same thing continuously and shiny new reps here who say what we want to hear but can’t deliver and are short lived. Think rotation of events is bad try the non delivery and not listening by Pg to things players have said for aeons. Don’t hold your breath on them finding a solution over players leaving you will need resuscitating very quickly!!!


No doubt WD hit its peak a few years ago.

Games can and do run for a long time past the peak. We probably can run with this decline for a few years.

Fully agree though lots of players have gone… at one point we had over 100,000 active players early atlas.

Its now 20,000 active players with probably a quarter of this number being alts.

We can work this out with APIs to leaderboards and with gaming statistic sites.

Its likely why content is all recycled these days and why we saw the introduction of exotic gear to entice people to renew atlas elites.

PG at some time may decide to revitalise the game and put it back into growth mode. Its still the best game of its class so it has potential if PG want to keep it running.

It doesn’t take much marketing effort to double our existing player base but they would need a second server no point for new players to compete with us.


Not to be stupidly optimistic, but…

There are always a tidal wave of players leaving. It’s what happens in anything, even life. Unfortunately, our friends part ways and leave the game. That will not change. What makes the difference is having the new players able and ready to replace the old. Just like at the OG Woodstock, when one person died, another person was born and the population of the music festival didn’t actually change. We need to be Woodstock, except I would caution people about sleeping near tractors.


That’s called churn and burn……
And to be blunt that’s not something you should be optimistic about!:man_shrugging:

Now I would encourage you to hit the invite button to help replace these eliminated players.:rofl:

See the issue…… even with catch up mechanics the game is not growing as fast as it is eliminating players were down to 20% of the pre map total.


Nah dude not saying its the best thing in the world at all. But realistically people do leave the game.

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Glad that I can partake in all other Woodstock activities :smiley:

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Absolutely that’s called turnover and it is to a degree expected but 80% loss is not turnover :+1:
And I completely appreciate your optimism ghost😎
I too remain optimistic that things will change I’m more curious when is it going to be bad enough to move them.

Tbh this game has lasted a very long time in mobile game terms.


7 years is solid as far as mobile games go……
As for mobile tactical games it doesn’t really impress……:man_shrugging::rofl:
Call me when it hits 15 yrs that’s a long running tactical game!:+1:

Just to be clear I’m not optimistic. This year in real life has pretty much burned that candle out. I should clarify I didn’t mean to sound stupidly optimistic.


They definitely failed at that this season. My interest in atlas has been at an all time low because of how crappy the exotic gear choices were. They dropped a lot of balls this season


Only Diamond teams had access to early Atlas.
When the current map was released, Platinum 4 and above had access to Atlas.
1175 teams * 50 members = 58,750

When did 100,000 people have access to early Atlas?


Yeah, definitely a lot of people leaving. With issues almost everywhere you look and nothing being done to rectify them, it’s not surprising.

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this is not a call out but a call for change.

the biggest issue is as long as pg decides to ignore this issue we will keep bleeding players and the factor a team can keep 50 castles in diamond. as long as the game is soo far out of balance and you keep catering to them. the new changes in atlas and the game is for these people who are given more then any other league. its getting worse day by day the longer pg ignores even just these facts.

i wrote most of this in may 21’

Pg refers a person to tos. This is in thier own tos: xi) behave inappropriately, abuse or mistreat other players. This includes, but is not limited to, publishing or creating any usernames, posts, or messages that use language that is racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, discriminatory, threatening, or abusive.

What is a bully but abusive. They abuse the system to better themselves while abusing other players. Abuse is the improper usage or treatment of a thing, often to unfairly or improperly gain benefit. Abuse can come in many forms, such as: physical or verbal maltreatment, injury, assault, violation, rape, unjust practices, crimes, or other types of aggression.

So if abuse means this and in it says often to unfairly or improperly gain benefits.does this not cover cheating the system in code of conduct? To me it says it all. the team that practices this not only violates tos but the cod. By cheating the system.

I agree with you see it everyday. The attacks go on for hrs,days,or months. Lesson that gets learned no one cares about the team keeps getting bullied everyday. Going after a person or a team every day for hours a day every month cause you can beat up on them makes you a bully. No other way to look at that. You can post about problem and your gonna see the answer everyone else will answer. Either you get blamed for starting it. No matter what you or the team is the blame. Here is how people should look but don’t look at the cause and effects. keep beating on someone long enough, we lose more players. The more players we lose the more it costs for dragons and such. They have to make up for the players who quit that spent some money. Too bad the bully does not look at the reason something costs more or the player who just walked out.


Not true.

The count of active players included both atlas and non atlas players.

Just saying that was the games peak in the early days of atlas. I’m not sure if that was in the beta phase or after. It was sometime around the addition of Diamond 2.

There was a time when this game was growing fast. When I first started playing Gold was top. Then they added Platinum leagies, lots of Sapphire leagues, Diamond and D2.

At that point leagues were a hive of activity. This was near the peak.

Unlike today where there are plenty of P1 teams without a full roster. Platinum didn’t even exist at the start.

I suspect though that we currently having a higher mix of paying players now than compared to the growth phase so its not necessarily all doom and gloom.

Even at 20k players PG could easily be earning 2mm on subscriptions p.a. and conservatively 5x that on pack sales.

10mm+ p.a. revenue is still fine. If the estimates of PG revenue of $55mm are anywhere accurate then WD is still an important app and I think we can be cautiously optimistic.

Some stat sites have WD being downloaded 10-20k per month so they just need to spend time converting downloads into long term customers.

52 teams, so 2,600 players :eyes:


What makes you say that Atlas peaked when most players didn’t have access to it?
Obviously it’s not the number of users. Is it sales? :thinking:

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