Grumuk Chest Quest

So Grumuk is from two seasons ago no? I get like 5+ Grumuk gold chest quests before I get one from any other dragon… maybe it’s just me but feel like dragons from last season should be there over Grumuk if anything. Didn’t get him so I’m just envious I guess but :man_shrugging:t2:

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%-wise, Grumuk’s gold chest should have the same % as Garmir’s gold chest. According to Neon, they are both at 1.068% while Pezizo’s gold chest is at 0.427%.

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Ah, and connivyl? Also what’s up with that? A festive from two seasons ago has a higher chance than last seasons? :joy:

There are no quests for Conni anymore. They removed all quests for seasonal dragons not from Dreadfrost except for the festives. Grum’s will probably be removed once the festive this season comes out


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