Grumuk The Mindless - Official Discussion Thread

Grumuk The Mindless is crashing onto the scene! Watch out for headbutts!

Main post here: Grumuk The Mindless is crashing onto the scene!


Ugly. Looks like a cicada dragon… which, would be apropos for “Unearthed” season, but it’s completely unpleasant. Especially, when Barbara is dark so I highly doubt anyone is going to forego the most OP dragon in the game for this goober!

Adaptive Resist? Lol are we reverting back to the prior meta? Cause:
(Lightning/Dark Flak/Fire Turret Resist)
Who actually uses fire turrets at a high-functioning capacity?


This is the festive, correct?
Just a heads up but you forgot to add the element and class. Im guessing it’s a dark hunter based on the image name but that should probably be added.

Overall look like another meh festive but then again who gets the festive line for the actual dragon? Looks wise it is rather ugly but I do like the wings, especially the green/yellow parts

Can you confirm if everything about the festive line is still the same? Still 600 claimable draconic chests?



dark hunter - added to main post


Such an ugly thing lol. Hope at least the branch didnt changed. No one does it for the dragon anyway :face_exhaling:

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Yes it is.


And is it still coming out next week during Fort?

Also side question: Any chance PG decided to make good on their messup with the limited time exotic lighting glyph branch and extend it into this week when it was originally posted that it would come out?


Yes, still planned for 8/3 :smile:

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Festive dragon, Grumuk (Dark Hunter)

Runes and Glyph for Grumuk

Adaptive Resist → Adaptive Flak Resist
Sucker Punch (Blue spell → White Spell)


“Cooldowon” is misspelled in the details for knuckle headbutt, otherwise very cool :blush:

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When does the cloak cd start? After cloak duration? Or after damage buff duration?

What happens when blinked?

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Oops :see_no_evil:
Thank you. I edited it. :smiley:

Another hunter, and dark. Rip. I guess it’s to make up for krampi XD.
Question: the swap icon on sucker punch is just there cause of the second effect (damage boost)?

Find the dragons spell kit interesting and don’t mind the way it looks. At the very least, will be good for assault.

Do find this interesting:

Get volt tower (updated lightning) - 2 weeks later get an exotic ap lightning glyph - 2 weeks after that get a festive dragon with 70% lightning resist (without research and spell).

Sure glad I didn’t piss away sigils on the exotic glyph. With Helminn and Festive can cover quite a few tiers with lightning resist.


Well adaptive resist isnt exactly a new spell and I doubt the resist is what would be making this dragon good given just about everything can add on a consumable lighting resist.

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Not seeing anything to specifically get excited about for this dragon. Ramnaught, Rath and Garrvox I thought were cool, and I like their spell set.

This just seems another filler, just to get through the branch so we can hurry along to see what happens next season.

Oh and being a dark hunter…I bet loads of people will want to replace their current dark hunter with this one… (yes, sarcasm)


It looks badass!..until you look at the head. The body and wings look cool but then the head doesnt match the body. Like the body and wings look like a rose stem, with the spikes and thorns. But the head looks like alot of inbreeding happened in its family and it got the short end of the stick.

But like mentioned, no one really goes for the festive branch for the dragon. So it doesnt really matter how much of a confusing mess the dragon itself looks like.


I don’t know… that head looks pretty deadly to me. I don’t get why y’all hating on him. :sweat_smile:
I would totally try to get him but I won’t get all the evolution stones or shards I need in time before the season ends. :sob: Otherwise looks like a great dragon PG.