Gryff wind gust

Does Gryff’s wind gust stop tower supershots or delay them? When I approach a kill isle with a defender I quickly wind gust to stop all the super shots, but does this eliminate them or just delay them?

Also, does wind gust not work for long range howitzer projectiles for anyone else? Short range is fine but when it’s across the long island they can’t be stopped.

The Gust stop any projectiles from towers it can hit. Thus, any tower beyond it’s range / dead tower won’t have its projectile stopped.
Tl,dr. Basically freeze effect.

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Yeah I meant you use wind gust at the right time but when it’s from a howitzer far away it doesn’t work

:roll_eyes: It’s beyond its range…

even if the projectile itself IS in range?

Yes, as it freezes the tower, not the projectile.
stopped projectile is part of frozen tower effect

Ok and can you answer the supershot question?

Freeze disables all active abilities from affected towers, so supershot will be stopped.

Ohhhh, ok I got it thank you!

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