Guardians can't be hit

Not sure where to put this but it seems PG with the latest update made the GUI made it so Galaxy S20/S21 FE phones can’t hit guardians

Also the quests don’t show up this event.

This is a “known issue” with 0 timeline to fix or a solution other than get another device.

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Someone else had a similar UI issue and shrinking their font size or sumn fixed it

Maybe its something different tho and im just up too early

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I have an Galaxy S21 and there are no issues…

The issue is limited to the FE phones and not standard galaxy phones, likely due to the lower resolution / pixel density on FE devices

I have a Galaxy S20 FE and have no issues

Don’t have any open, unraided guardians. But you can see the entire box is visible with some gap below.

As mentioned in the other thread, maybe it’s a font size issue?

Perhaps check the font issue like suggested in the last thread?


one of my guys had this issue and he was able to change his phone settings and adjust the aspect ratio for WD

I have S21 ultra and it does it lol
I just dont play enough on my phone to care about how to fix it :rofl:

My phone keeps putting it back to default normal size so to do Guardians I just use my ipad.

Font sizes don’t impact any other games I play.

Its only this one game and only for temple guardians
( fonts are normal everywhere else in the game )

Feels like they defined the font differently for this one sceen. Maybe they need to make it static instead of dymanic.

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