Guerres en courset mauvaise manipulation

testjsuite à une mauvaise manipulation, j’ai quitté ma l’âge alors qu’il y avait deux guerres encours ,je suis revenus dans ma l’âge et j’aimerais savoir si je peux faire mes guerres et si elles seront comptabilisée.

Oui, tu peux revenir dans ton équipe et faire tes attaques, il me semble, cela ne m’est jamais arrivé. Ca ne te coûte rien d’essayer de toute façon, tu verras si tu fais gagner des flames à ton équipe…

Guys, this player left their team by mistake then get back into it at once during two wars, will they be able to attack and earn flames for their team?

If they left after wars declared then yes. Otherwise no.

Confirmation : si tu as quitté ta guilde alors que les guerres étaient déjà déclarées tu peux attaquer et gagner des flammes pour ton équipe. Sinon tu ne peux pas gagner des flammes mais tu peux toujours aider ton équipe en suivant tes coéquipiers pour des raids de guerre.

This… Feels so weird to speak French on the forum :joy::joy::joy:

It’s pretty darn cool to see players from all parts of the world interacting here though! I always smile a little when folks that speak the same language help each other out. Google Translate can only get me so far :sweat_smile:

Being billingual is so useful… But then you realise that you actually need to learn even more languages… Spanish and Japanese at least… And many others.

The more you know, the more you realise that you need to learn even more! It’s never ending!

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@Kardul Une autre personne qui parle le français!

I am learning French, but I am not quite articulate to write out a grammatically proper reply. Thank you for handling this. Unfortunately he did not make his war attacks before accidentally leaving the team, from what I can see, so those flames are lost in these wars. I hope they can still win.

No he still can make his flames if he rejoins provided he left after war declared.

We had a player leave our team during a war by accident, and when he returned, he was unable to participate, and we were down five flames

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