Guess what tomorrow is, kids πŸ™‚


Yeah but just wait until DAY 26!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

If you can make it that far, those defense boosts will be a SWEET reward! :joy::joy::joy::rofl:
(not to mention the lumber packs on day 27 :roll_eyes:)


@PGJared My player happiness is not aroused by this…

15 Elemental Embers… let me see. If I upgrade a flak tower for 6000 embers it will only take… quick math here, carry the 1, yup - 400 months for this to be useful. Man, that is awesome!!! In 33 years I’ll have enough from the daily check-in bonus to use them. Daily check-in… more math, (it was actually 33.333333…you know what I mean), account for leap years… That’s only 12,173 (and a half) days!!


Plus I’m sure we got those at a 71% discount.


Bruhhhhh I’m dead :skull::joy::rofl:


Grizz, make sure you account for inflation. In 12,173 (and a half) days you’ll probably be several levels higher. At that point you will need an additional 2,000 embers at LEAST for that tower. So go ahead and tack on an approximate 25% increase to your previous calculation. Leaves you at round about 15,216.875 days and you can build one tower level with that!!! So exciting, we all can’t wait :grin:


@pgjared so exactly how is this justified as useful? :thinking:


Looks like the value packs and daily offers I’ve been seeing lately :expressionless::roll_eyes:


I would maybe, just maybe, understand it if the calendar prizes improved daily. Most games give you a really good prize on the last day if you logged in daily, even that isn’t that good on this calendar.

Be nice to see that introduced.


…I thought this was being serious and I just sat here squinting at my screen for 5 minutes. So generous of them though…


Today I got the 400 or so rubies for completing the β€œquest” of 30 check in days in a row.

It was (hilariously) better than anything I got from the actual check ins.


One time only haha


:scream::pleading_face: Say it isn’t so!


Hahaha, probably, I was seriously doing that solely for the rubies (or just for fun, I don’t even know anymore :rofl:)

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