Guesses on the next bonus branch 🥳

Erotic dark flak rune with enough dust to expert it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Maybe a dark flak glyph lol


One rainbow evolve stone! Able to evolve any divine dragon :partying_face:


My will to live…

If not then I’ll take about 1,000,000 2 day timers and 100,000,000 embers. Maybe add some black pearls in there for my perches as well.


Free accounts on Wild Beyond and Episode. The next cash cows.


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:joy::joy::joy: was that intentional?

It will clearly be a ballista rune

It would be nice though if they’d at least tell us how many we’re getting the rest of the season

Just checked wdstats.
Seems that Mages and Ballistas are the one not loved by PG, as they have no exotic runes :see_no_evil:

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Am I the only one who kind of wants ballistas to be relavant? It gives a bit more defensive strategy than just, “Protect these towers that do all the same plus some mages”, and it’ll be more like, “Weaken this dragon so that it’ll do less damage to the towers in the kill island.” Just a thought. 🤷

Add in the fact that we can actually use the ballista runes we get from silver chests.

No you are not. However, if you mention “he who shall not be named” 3 times, he shall appear in your thread. :slight_smile:


Can we get an exotic snooze item? Unlimited uses. You can cast it on a base you’re defending to have the base bubble :zzz: and make snoring sounds when someone to using Noctua + Hau to take out a base. 7.5 minutes for a 3 dragon attack…on second thought have it throw :joy: emojis all over the base.


I rather have a earth or fire flak glyph

negative timers! you claim the prizes and it takes timers out of your inventory!!



Erotic Sheep Farm HP with secondary Mill HP :chunk:

Anyone know if there is a bonus branch next week??? You can whisper it here. It will be our super secret secret. I promise that I won’t say who told. :pray:t3:


I heard the folks who know like delicious cake.

I have no idea, but perhaps if they do a second one (I hope they do) they will give us a dragon rune since they already released a building rune.

Difficulty would be if it’s a hunter rune and a lot of players wanted the line but don’t fly hunters. I would hope they would give the choice between a rune for each class.