Guide for Defending Bases


Great guide! 2 points that have already been hinted at in the comments:

  1. Even if a dragon has fire resist, it does not protect against the fire turret supershot, nor the increased damage effect, so supershotting the fire turret (especially after it rebalances) is still a valid option.
  2. Supershotting dark flak for leos is still a good idea bc he is a warrior (read no burst damage), and the stun(s) help preserve your blue and allow you to out heal his broken up damage.


I would also say that as long as you steal Necryx’s rage effectively, elemental towers take him out the best. Necryx’s worst nightmare is not cannons and archers, but a few well timed mage supershots.


When I first started playing someone told me you could drop shields in advance then hammers as the dragon approaches. (They said that’s why it says queued. ) Is this not the case?


For Leos it depends on the set up; if there are storm towers or trebuchets present, they would be better options for a super shot than the dark flak. If there aren’t any other stun/shield towers, the dark flak’s stun is a much more viable option.


Seriously does any high level base have Trebuchets considering its low damage? :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s why drain rage is listed on the Tips to taking Necryx down. Unfortunately, having all 1 R spells means it will likely be able to use elemental barrier, and hitting it with elemental towers will just heal it.
“It depends” belongs on all the hunters. :joy:


I have trebs since I built them ages ago and don’t want to replace them until my base is closer to max (for level to defense purposes). People should know how to use them if they might be there, and I see people triggering the stun simultaneously often enough to recognize a problem


The base boosts will not queue, only super shots do


Good information. Kudos to that!
I was always wondering the base attack swords and shields stack if i repeatedly place them on towers. Glad that you created this post. Thank you very much.

PS: You have high level trebs :rofl::rofl::rofl: ( sorry couldn’t resist )


I’ve heard/seen this commentary twice: fire turret supershot is not nerfed by the resist. From what I experience with Leos, I don’t think this is real. I see the same amount of damage on Leos for both normal and supershot from a Fire turret. But hey, I may be wrong.


I’ve done countless runs on the 312 base with sekhem. Sekhem has a fire resist. The back fire turret on the middle Long with sometimes normal shot, and sometimes supershot. Normal shots take a little blimp of health off of sekhem, supershots take over a quarter health off of him. If Leo’s has his shield, the supershot will do less health to him, but if he doesn’t, the supershot doesn’t care if he has a resist or not.


Yeah, maybe something changed lately. On that same 312, the three fire turrets at start (2 45 and 1 41) when they supershot Leos, the damage is almost the same as if Leos takes a normal shot. But maybe it is an impression. Will test and maybe make a video with both conditions.


That’s true at the front, but with the back it’s a little easier to notice bc it’s the only tower firing at me. Maybe equip dg on leos and dg the front center and right fires at the beginning and let the left fire super shot and normal shot?


I forget exactly how long the defensive boost last but it’s around 5-6 seconds. Which means you want to drop swords and shields while the dragon is on the turn, then use heals after the dragon has arrived at the island. The swords and shields will expire so there’s no sense in dropping them while the dragon is on the previous island before the turn.


^ This. I see a lot of people lay them way too early. Not something that appears to be well-enough known.


Great info! @ShadowsOfBirds Do you mind if I link this forum post to the Academy course that was created last month of the same topic? more info is always better!


Memory says about 30secs. But I’m old now :joy:


Go for it!


Do you mean 3 seconds?


Can this be answered please