Guide for Defending Bases


They do not stack


I did not know that! I thought they stayed until the tower or dragon dies. Guess I’ve done quite some useless defence casts…


This is awesome info thx so much… I’ve posted it in our line group hopefully some of my guys will use it to fix their defense too :dragon_face::dragon_face::dragon_face:


Nice guide! Gonna make this mandatory reading for my team. I also like that you agree with me on some base topics that a lot of others do not agree with me on (placement of farms, viability of cannons and lightning towers)

I would add one more little defense tip: If the attacker is vastly superior to the base, don’t waste your boosts (e.g sapphire dragons vs level 50 base or something).


Thank you so much! Great information for sure :hugs:


This is super useful Shadows, thank you for making this. My alt alt is in Gold League and it was surprising that people didn’t know things such as what super shots were, how to use defensive boosts, etc. I don’t super agree with the farm/mill set-up, but that’s not the point of this.

Could you add a “how to boost your base” bit? A lot of players don’t know this is a thing or how to do it.


Why wouldn’t you want to use hammers on islands with mages? Wouldn’t healing mages be desirable, just like with any other tower- to delay and give time for the super shot to get off?


Not with a rage drain island where the mages are designed to be a low level and die.


I see, I misunderstood. She was talking about specifically the rage drain island, not any island with mages (which I now realize would make no sense). :joy:
I need more sleep… lol


Nice guide, well done and i agree with most. Just my 2 cents but i disagree about the ice turrets supershot being useless. Where you say that it doesnt add enough HP(which btw defense is HP?) to justify using it… have you ever seen an ice shield placed on a high level tower/ res building and as the building takes damage it has an area of grey hp left behind? This i believe is what the shield provides and can save buildings, especially when defenders are trying to spam hammers.

Furthermore, from studying my replays i believe that towers have an extended range on their supershots… i have not confirmed this yet though so if anyone is 100% sure against this claim then feel free to correct me where i am wrong.

Bonus: When an attacker is using a dragon such as Necryx, elemental barrier will take ice turrets attack and use it against the defense. This is regardless of whether or not opponent has a drain or mage island, it is still possible to gain 1 bar of rage before reaching the next island in most if not all situatuons. In this circumstance would you not want the ice turret to hesitate a moment before dealing damage when it is up front?


I think you should include a bit about multiple defenders and strategy for laying down defense items. (Lots of teams have a person who supers specific buildings, and sometimes players will be designated for swords and another for shields)

Also I have seen a lot of evidence that stacking can indeed happen on swords and shields. Possibly only between different players and not with the same player. If anyone has any actual tests that disprove this I’d be extremely interested.


I agree. It does appear that swords and shields placed by different players on the same islamd do indeed stack up but i also do not have concrete evidence to support. Just need a few volunteers…


Also @ShadowsOfBirds - it turns out not everyone knows that you can only have 2 peoples + the base owner defending at a time.


Great point. It took me a while to figure this out myself. I put in a few support tickets and it became clear to me some of PG support didn’t really understand this either.

Also worth noting the base owners often get extra goodies (supershots) due to research, peaches, etc.


Another point is that if the base owner has researched that recycle supershot for breaking shields with a cannon ability, I think it extends to people defending the base as well. I recall one time when I was defending a teammate’s base and I ended up being able to do more than the 5 supershots while the first dragon was still alive. But I had broken some shields with cannons during that particular defense.


I didn’t know this, thank you.


@TheRedDelilah I didn’t realize people didn’t know this. I will add that to the guide.


I just figured you could have 3 defenders, never really thought about it. Good addition.


Same as attacking


Yeah, I mean with attacking it’s kind of obvious lol.