Guide for Defending Bases



Add the following to your awesome guide please

Attack Boost = 55% attack boost - lasts 12 seconds
Shield = 25% armor boost - lasts 12 seconds
Hammer = 45% heal


Would it be possible to elaborate more on the difference between life and defense? Also rhe difference between “attack” and “damage”?..2nd part is from dragon research but should still be suitable for this thread because it does relate to how well the defense will do


Great guide, I‘ll add this to my useful threads :+1:t2:

Just one small thing:
When posting bases as examples, it might be respectful to cut out their names to make it more neutral.


Is this best setup for farms and Mills?image


Yes, as long as you have a legendary/mythic warrior on Perch. It gives you great HP boost to Mills and Farms.


My guess would be they are on that island together with a perched dragon boosting their health, making it pretty hard to kill the farms if someone is hammer-spamming. On the other hand it’s a nice breather for the lead dragon and you can always send Enki in after to clean up.

Not that I’m very qualified to judge this base, my whole base level barely matches one of those towers. Just thinking along.


That is my preferred farm placement.


@TheRedDelilah - I still didn’t grasp why that’s the best place. I understand that perhaps in a war situation the main island Mage towers maybe sucked all the rage from the attacker, so he might be less capable to use a spell to destroy the farms, but… I still think it is better to have defensive towers there than farms. Those farms may act as rage generating pilar for the second attacker. All the first attacker has to do is to kill the red tower and the perch then move on.
IMHO, doing a war attack without looking at the layout of the target is noob-ish and I still think the farms layout on the little island is not the best solution. But I may be wrong.


I am Low level but i can say one thing, If the Main attacker cleared the Kill island, the war attack is already lost.


I have had the best success in defending my farms with the setup listed above.


If you’re facing really high-level farms and mills, and you don’t have death gaze or umbral spike, it can be really hard killing those rss buildings on that island. Especially if you come at it with 0 rage.


Lemme use a few of my bases as an example:

This 166 is one of my alts down in Gold League. If defended, the lead attacker will lose all their rage and die (if they are in Sapphire-Garnet dragons) on the front of my long island. The second attacker has to clear the rest of the long island, starting with no rage 99% of the time, and clear my farm. What makes this spot strong for farms is the perch AND the limited time they have to kill them. If you look behind my farms and mills, there are no towers of value there, as it should be.

This 273 is another of my accounts. If you look at the similarities, you’ll see the same thing happens as with my 166 account. With war defenders, this account can hold off 1 obsidian id there is good flying, or 2 pretty well if they are meh or to okay. Having high level farms for you level is VERY important and a good reminder to make sure you are caught up on breeding so you have enough eggs for your builders hut.

Finally we have my main. Again, similar set-up to start with a little surprise after the farms. Could I put my farms behind the long island in this case? For sure. However, experience has taught me that the farms are what will fuck an attacker more than anything else if they are the second flier. They have to survive what remains of my long island and then hope they equipped death gaze to kill two farms while my team hammer spams the rest. Oh yeah, add a mythic emerald warrior to the perch to give them just that half a dozen taps more to really fuck 'em.


Yeah, I maybe have no rage. But what’s the difference of the farms there or the next island ? I might have no rage then too.


Simply put, you shouldn’t have enough towers at a good level to be able to fill your long island and your small island before farms.


Absolutely untrue at higher levels. So many war attacks don’t get 5 flames because of farms.


Makes a lot of sense. Do you feel this layout is also sensible at around level 50, long before I’ve got any left-over legendary dragons to perch, let alone a perch of a level to hold them? Or would the (underleveled) lightning towers I already have there now be better at low level?


It really depends what towers you have, honestly. We can do this in PM if you like, or here if you don’t mind sharing you base.


Tnx for the input
Do you prefer a red mage for the farm setup or is a storm usefull too?

To bad I messed up at beginning
Lvl 200 now and Still cleaning up my beginners mess🤦‍♀️


Anyone know the safe max level?


Red, as usually you won’t have supershots left if your base did it’s job.