Guide for Defending Bases


Level 1? lol


The reason I ask is because I have no level 1’s. At what level is it not wise to build a rage drain island?


You can store your high level mages and build new level 1 mages. The rule for 5 mages of each type is for the buildings on your base not counting the buildings you have stored.

And Best time to build rage drain island can be as soon as you get Dark flak tower ( my opinion).
Or another choice is to build when 4 mage researches are done (marked in the picture below )

( pic is from my alt so please don’t mind that they are locked )


It depends on your level and what tier dragons are attacking. If saph tier, pretty much <20 mages die in one shot.


Thank you!! I built all my mages early on. Many many many beginner mistakes on my side…I was incorrect! I do have some lvl1’s I can set out. Thanks I still found this helpful


Gonna have to agree with you on this one. Love seeing that island :man_shrugging:t2:.


I did not know that. Thanks.


I do have to say that I like more to have farms in front of the last “two pieces” island and right in the back some stronger towers. This way the attacker will have to dodge the attacks from those towers while trying to destroy the farms.


This is my Alt’s Base, for its level it is effective. Eventually I will move my towers onto the Long Island and place my farms onto that short island. Since I haven’t overbuilt this Base I will not have excess towers to fill the short island and place behind farms. By having a short Base with few high lvl towers, that small island is ideal for my farms.


Yeah, much more effective, in my experience. But, I’ll take free rage on the short all day :hugs:.


i think you are dramatically underestimating the effectiveness gained. Where are you going to get free rage from, especially when Base is defended?


Thank you for the very complete answer, Red ! Professional as always ! I do understand your logic and I do used your base layout as something to check from time to time. Not attacking you, only checking to see how you change it based on the new dragons skills. It is your argumentation in another thread who changed my idea about the “minions” Mage in front.
At the levels you are showing those bases, I’d say that only a fool would attack in a war without a backup. And of course, a backup worthy of the name.


As a lead? Two rage to deal with mage and perch (assuming it’s a big perch) and coasting to near-full rage for final long. Can even lay a crumble if you want :man_shrugging:t2:.


I needed a good laugh… thank you Ragnar. Can someone better able to explain that his example to tackle my Base is follied and his lead dragon would be dead, unless he using a dragon like Necryx since my first island is Elemental strong.


Right…lmao if only hau wasn’t trash shakes fist at the heavens


I absolutely love Hauheset but at my Alts level he really doesn’t have opponents attacking with him. Many players underestimate my Base, it is very common for me to log on and find that my base has successfully defended itself from players sometimes 30-50 lvls above mine… I chalk that up more due to many players overdeveloping their Base beyond their dragons.


Very very often that little farm cluster on short3 is the only thing stopping 5 flames on the baese during wars. Its often a wing dragon that gets there, and with a full cluster of 50s often noctua cant kill them.

I say noctua, because its the most frequently used wing, especially when the lead didnt get very far.

Placing the farms at say isle 1 gives attackers a lot of time to kill farms.

Placing them at the front of 2 works well, its essentially just a bit worse than on 3, because of lack of perch.

Unless one’s base is lvl350 plus, one doesn’t have enough high level towers to populate isle 3 effectively in the standard 3-45-6 setup.

Hope that helps. Cheers


The game crashes if you build more including those in storage it seems to be a bug


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