Guide on how to use the invoker dragons - guida su come utilizzare i draghi invoker

In this link you will see a guide for those who use an invoker for the first time and want to understand how to set the use of this specific class of dragon.

In questo link potrete vedere una guida per chi usa per le prime volte un’invoker e vuol capire come impostare l’utilizzo di questa specifica classe di drago.

To see the subtitled video in your language just follow these simple steps.



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I’m calling the feds on you bro you snitch9ing all the tricks of invokers



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Fiery :heart:

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Shhhh, the awesome Italian explanation makes up for it :shushing_face:

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F that I’m snitch9ing

Heartless :scream:

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That’s part of the snitch9 code

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