Guild Activity number broken


I reckon we need the bug forumn back.
But yeah I see teams at 60+ activity with only 30 members. Did devs change the calculation behind it or did they break it ?:smiley:


See here


Assuming they changed the calculation. We were at around 70 and then went to 100 overnight.


Woohoo - 3 badges for that one post - just sayin… :wink:


Yes agree hence my last comment on that thread where new activity levels mask actual low activity teams - makes it harder for officers to work out who to declare on.


Feels like a bad change since it just puts any semi active team at 100 activity. Still each player should only be able to contribute 2 points to the activity table


Oops I searched activity and nothing came up


Not really. We were at low activity and are now at about 68/100, which more accurately reflects our actual activity.

Case in point: before the metrics adjustment, we were declared on by a much stronger team who assumed we were as low activity as was reflected when looking at our team’s stats.

They lost, and the leader remarked on it, saying they didn’t expect us to be so active based on the stats they were seeing.

Had they seen our recently-adjusted stats more accurately reflecting our real activity level, they may not have declared (not that we’re complaining, but it’s more fair this way and feels the way it did before the metrics change a couple of months ago).


Also, I’m looking at my stats and screenshots now… right before activity metrics change we had 8 inactives and 2 we couldn’t figure out why because they were active in actuality. The other 6 weren’t participating.

After the change, we went to 6 inactive, and they were the very 6 I had marked for kicking because of lack of participation. I hadn’t marked the other 2 because it didn’t make sense based on their level of participation.

That, to me, says unequivocally that it’s far more accurate than it was before the change last week.


I’m leaning towards thinking there was an overcorrection here. Have an alt I only log in to do wars on and it was listed as “active” for a while. So that’s less than 1 attack per day, not even logging in once a day, and somehow it’s considered active :joy::woman_shrugging:t2:


I’m with you Shimo - same here. 2 alts, only used for wars, went from inactive to active in just one day after a couple of war runs.


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