Guild chat and Inventory


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Hi. It would be nice to have a guild chat. The way it is now the posts get lost in the system posts. I could make a group but that would take a long time with 45 in guild.

I’d like to have an inventory so I know what items have on one central location.


There is a guild chat. It’s called team chat and can be selected on the left side of your chat screen :slightly_smiling_face:

We have been asking for an inventory management screen for a long time now, maybe one of these years they will make it a reality


Just keep bugging PG’s cs until they hear our suggestion about inventory /s


Be careful using this word, PG is using a different dictionary. :man_shrugging:


Team chat also shows all the system messages. The personal messages get lost. Unless I’m missing something.


Will do. I don’t like not knowing what I have without searching the whole game. I’m a Game Sage for another game. I know how to bug devs. LOL


Er… I said bugging PG’s CS, which is asking each piece of info you need. Including how many energy I have, how many exp for each den capped dragon, etc…


Got it. Lol


Sorry I don’t know the abbreviations you are using. PG? CS?


PG = Pocket Gem
CS = Customer Service.
:thinking: I think both are pretty common in this game…


Only been playing maybe 10 days. Haven’t learned the lingo yet. Thanks


If things are getting lost in team chat aka guild chat. Have your leader go to the team hall go to team info and turn everything off. And you will have no more system messages in chat, however transfer messages can be helpful.




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