Guild Invitations

It would be nice if Officers didn’t have to spend the time repeatedly selecting the Invite button to send only 3 invites at at time. It would be nice to either create a drop down to select the number of invites you want to send or a field where you could type in how many you want. Personally, it’s unusual for me to want to send out less than max possible and I would also rather spend that time playing the game or interacting with guild members.


I usually have better results getting to know someone first, and then if I like them, invite them to my team. I don’t invite strangers to my team.

Also, as someone who receives like 20 invites a day, please stop using this button. :rofl:


A recruiting revamp might not be the worst place to spend time considering the state of recruiting. Either kill invite spam or make it less work and better.

People’s reluctance to change teams without good ways to find a new one creates a lot of suboptimal matches, and the burden of recruiting contributes to a lot of leadership burnout.

I’d like to see team and maybe player ads/dating profiles. As a player, I want to see how well you do in events, what you hold in Atlas, Atlas and core game rank, and some policy and personality/style info.

As a recruiter, I want to know some basic stats before I even start talking. If I can find you now I can see your medals, level, defense, top 3 dragons, some sort of attack power, and language, but I want to know if you speak my language too, how you do in events, and some measure of atlas contributions.

I don’t expect to see invite spam disappear from the game, but maybe teams should be able to customize a mail and customize who it gets sent to and the response button (reply vs. accept). Or teams should have a search that returns the players the old system would have invited and they can decide who they’d like to initiate conversations with.


:thinking: I can’t recall the last time I received an invitation to another team, but I do recall feeling deeply offended that someone had sent an invite, given the vast differences between my current team and theirs…


Check your inbox and prepare to be offended. :eyes:

My offense is deep :joy:


Lol, you’re welcome! You have two days to decide to accept. Choose carefully.

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happens to me only on alts in lower league teams.

Mostly gold and plat teams here it’s like I’m S3 why would I move to plat 2

Having an editable invite message and being able to choose player and team levels would be awesome.


It would really be nice if PG would fix the current glitch in the recruiting/invite system itself… ticket has had no response yet.

You invite someone, they accept… Team Chat notification then shows 5-15 lines showing that the player accepted.
However, they cannot get into the team, and then you have to wait the 48 hours to try again.
It hasn’t mattered if they were in another team, or solo, or if they apply without having received a recruiting invite… same issue.
Former players returning to the team cannot get in… frustration is putting it mildly.
An inactive player cannot get booted, as there is no way to replace them so you are stuck with them until either they get active or autokicked.

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I totally agree with CoachLes. Both of my accounts were with another team last week. Today when I tried to accept an invite to return, it posted messages in the team chat that I had accepted, but then I got an error message that there was a server issue and then a second message that I needed Internet access, which was ridiculous. I sent requests to join. My alt account’s message went through and I was accepted but my main account’s request to join never showed up in the leadership’s messages. I filed a ticket and the reply was that maybe I didn’t meet the team’s membership requirements, which was absurd since I am a former guild leader. Then mysteriously, my message went through. Now I have another team member who is having the same issue. He cannot accept our invites and he cannot apply to join. PG, please admit that there is a problem and then fix it!!

I’ve submitted a second Support Ticket about this, and managed to get a screenshot… another new recruit trying to join.

…and did get a reply!
It is being worked on. Woohoo!

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We did very recently acquire a new customer rep on the forums. Try poking @PGGalileo with your ticket number and ask him what the hold up is.

edit: or not if it just came back :grin:


I just heard it is being looked into… other teams have been reporting the same issues.

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Still no resolution to the glitches?
I’m also beginning to think it’s tied into another glitch… many players being unable to back others in events and wars.

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About the invite acceptance not working issue: if they are the last/only person on a team they need to leave the team before accepting the invite or any invite. They will be able to accept an invite then. That’s what Support told me to have someone do to join my team and it worked.


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