Guild Name Changes


A lot of teams that are active now inherited their teams as old players dropped off and new players came along. In the case of my team, the officers and leader all went inactive while we were newbies playing in Bronze. One day, a friend of ours woke up and she was leader.

We didn’t care so much about the name at that point because we were little and we were getting the hang of things. Fast forward a year and we’re in platinum with Atlas. Our team name is very close to that of that fluctuates between Diamond and Sapphire. More than once I’ve gotten mail intended for that team and we’ve been attacked in Atlas and by our allies because they confuse us with the other team. We would LOVE to have the ability to change our guild name. I get that might cause a lot of havoc for the side game (aka Atlas Politics). Our only other option would be to start a new team, but if we did that, we’d lose Atlas and start over in Bronze. We’re not keen on that either.


I’m unaware of anyone who has done this but your best bet is to put in a support ticket. I think they always say no, but it can’t hurt to try. Team
Names are basically permanent.


I am almost certain on what the support will respond, and as this is unprecedented, possibly they want to keep it that way…
Can you imagine what would happen if they made one exception? :thinking: