Gunnar freeze bug

The last few days I’ve experienced Gunnars freeze seeming to not work against defenders, despite damage applying. Now after a little testing it seems to be when defenders use boosts and specials. Not sure I’d I’m maybe missing somthing, video of one run attached. In the video I hit the three front towers with freeze breath active and only one turret freezes.

A few of my teammates and I have noticed some sort of glitch with Gunnar’s freeze as well. Also noticed hunters mark isn’t working on all of the monuments on regular bases now as well. Before I thought it was only on atlas runs that hunters mark didn’t work. It worries me with noctarn also having this spell.

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Vids please :eyes:

Also, IIRC, Gunnar need to complete the turn before start freezing (tapping) with SB.


Correct, the range for the freeze effect is shorter than the range of the shots, so it’s possible to damage towers but not freeze them. Always fun with rage drains too, when you kill (but not freeze) the tower just as it fires a mage shot.

Monuments (outside of atlas) should always work for marks though, would like to see a video of that if they don’t.

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Mine does not work on 7th and 6th too. Don’t have the video yet, only flying Gunnar on Guardians nowadays. But it is true, that it doesn’t fire. I tap the spell, then wherever in the area of monument I’m trying to tap, it doesn’t fire, the spell stays in the Gunnar’s mouth.

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I’m pretty sure I’ve had no problem using the monument on 7 with Gunnar and Aibrean while flying temple guards. I rarely use 6 for marks so can’t really say about that, but the window where you can hit it while on the island is very small anyhow.

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I didn’t have such problem back in the days though. It was firing very easily. Not since recent days (but it is not too new though, I remember same thing last TR too? it just doesn’t bother me too much I guess).
But now when I think of it, I believe video is pretty useless unless it is taken with hands on it to see how the fingers work as taps do not have any trace.

Not sure how to record with taps, just used the default phone record my phone has. Just posted it to show damage is applied yet no freeze

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Only have the one :pensive:

The hunter mark works on all monument main game but the target is off on island 5and6 monument

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