Gunnar / Prospero Rune Setup

I’ll do it shortly, I’m still waiting to equip them seriously. Below with the advice :slight_smile:
NOTA BENE ==> please, write according to this outline. Thank you

1st Rune ==> Legendary Rune of the Hunt
2nd Rune ==> ?
1st Glyph ==> Mythic Glyph of the Hunt
2nd Glyph ==> ?
3rd Glyph ==> ?

1st Rune ==> Legendary Rune of Fever
2nd Rune ==> ?
1st Glyph ==> Mythic Glyph of Fever
2nd Glyph ==> ?
3rd Glyph ==> ?

Pros is a rage addict so all 3 other slots probably good rage runes

Gunnar I think has more flexibility with runes. Also with his regular cloak the legendary rage runes/glyphs + cloak are good runes for
Him :+1: what I’m going to do wirh him…

Gunnar Runes
Legendary Rune of Fever
Mythic Hunter Atk
Mythic Rune Of Fever (Sefondary is hunter Atk)
Legendary Rage (secondary is cloak Duration)

One of his main spells is the freeze that comes from his regular attack/ammo so a +Ammo rune if you have one would be great on him.


using one or two ammo runes on Pros is actually good though

i think i will go as follow : (for what i have)

Mythic Ammo Rune (+2 ammo / rage as 2nd boost)
Legendary Hunt Rune
Mythic Hunt Glyph
Legendary Hunter Atk Glyph
Epic Hunter Atk Glyph

PROSPERO ( i have Malus ,aka +1 ammo )
Legendary Rage Rune
Legendary Fever Rune
Mythic Fever Glyph
Legendary Ammo Glyph ( +1 ammo / rage as 2nd boost )
Legendary Rage Glyph

Is the time of freezing with snowblind is increased by a rune of freeze ?

It shouldn’t; runes have to exactly match the spell in order for it to work.

But it’s PG :man_shrugging:t3: Could always be the guinea pig :rofl:


Ahah thanks for your answer Lutrus but I would rather avoid to waste a legendary rune :stuck_out_tongue:

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