Gunnar's Wings are Tiny


Does it bother anyone else that Gunnar’s wings are extremely tiny compared to similar dragons? I know that dragons defy physics already, but this guy pushes that to an extreme. It’s a real shame since I otherwise like the dragon’s appearance.

I don’t expect this to change as it’s a finalized dragon, but it does annoy me that the model in-game looks unfinished as a result.

Gunnar, the feather-winged dragon

After Somnus’ wings why are you surprised? That dragon is missing the final touch, too.


I didn’t get Somnus last season, but I’ve seen him on attack and defense. Wow…that dragon is so blatantly incomplete it’s insulting. For all the money PG rakes in, I don’t understand how/why they keep dropping the ball everywhere.


I only wasted my extra sigils to get it, and it’s perfect for the small perch. I flew it once, and it almost made me cry.


Axi’s similar, no?


Does the water dragon bother you then?


Yes, but Axi’s supposed to be cute and cartoony. That said, I purposefully didn’t go for Axi do to how much I hated its flying animations.


Water dragon?


He’s ugly but good


Found Gunnar’s family



I didn’t go for Axi, I went for Coatl purely based on the prizes being more worth it later down the line for me :frowning:

I hate Coatl, but…I probably wouldn’t have used Axi much anyway. Ugly!


Blasphemy! :axi:

PS: said the fox about the grapes


I have him to orange for temple raid, which is nice. I do feel like I wouldn’t use him much, though. He’d be a safe choice, but I like damage amps and DANGER :wink:


Size doesn’t matter…it’s how you fly with the wings he has :wink:


This must explain Meatlug from How to Train Your Dragon :rofl:


For you guys picking dragons based on looks rather than performance I really pity you. :rofl:


I was about to come here to say something similar. We have some shallow dragon lords in this thread :joy:

Additionally, Somnus was designed by the community, so :woman_shrugging:


Oh, I still got Gunnar because he’s an excellent dragon. I didn’t get Axi also because I couldn’t take him far considering Summerflare was my first season.

Kind of rude to call me shallow for stating that I think Gunnar (and several other dragons) could look better.


We need a Miss WD World beauty contest!

I nomimate Deci :joy:


If you can’t fly your dragons PASSIONATELY, what’s the point? :thinking:

I’m not actually sure how you can fly Axi with passion, actually. Spellset locks him from doing that :stuck_out_tongue: