Gunnar's Wings are Tiny


I never called you shallow, I just said I pity people who don’t get good dragons because they subjectively look bad to them.

I think Gunnar looks amazing also, so you can talk about dragons being ugly all you like but the fact is that it’s your opinion and I and others might not share it.

I think Somnus is one of the nicest looking dragons in the game, if not the nicest looking period. I like his meaty tendril wings that remind me of torn flesh cause it fits his lore as a living nightmare.


Axi, Kirin… rainbow, pink pixie dust, glitter and fancy effects… :face_vomiting:

By the end of the event Gunnar’s Gold stone will be claimed, but I have no intention of flying him once… for he’s so bloody ugly.


I fly my Axi against bases 2x his paygrade so I mean I would call that passionate. :rofl:

But Coatl was nice looking, tell me how passion is going to get him through any decent base ever though.


I think Gunnar looks amazing. His design all around is fantastic, maybe one of my favorites in the game. The issue is his wings are far too small and it throws the whole dragon’s visual balance off.

If they bumped up the wing size in relation to the rest of the model by say, 50%, I think it would drastically improve Gunnar. I can’t imagine it would even be that hard to implement as no changes to the skeleton/model-rigging or animations would be required.

I would love to hear PG’s feedback on this, but I don’t want to get yelled at for “bumping.” :joy:

Edit: Now I feel badly for the snark above. Sorry, PG.


I love Gunnar’s itty bitty wings and his cutsie feathers. I also like Axi’s design though because they aren’t just stereotypical dragons. I’m glad PG has a bit of variation when it comes to the design of seasonals.


Ugh. Gunnar. His head would make him tank face first. He needs feathers on his body if he lives in the frozen wastes (although I have concluded his piggy dodo looks are due to the layer of blubber he has instead of feathers. Thank you @Obliterkate for piggy dodo). How does he see with bandages over his eyes? Just what kind of stealthy piggy dodo is this?!

But for beauty pageant I nominate fully evolved Morphos :heart_eyes:



Gunnar is a powerful alicorn and flies by the magic of his majestic mutton chops. The wings are vestigial, eyes superfluous.


The bottom horn/tusks look like arms with no claws…bothers me more than wings


Think of him as an attack sub, smaller wings, smaller target, maybe some of the tower shots will miss.:rofl:


He’s a hunter suppose to be stealthy, plus is it just me but some of the ulgest dragons are really good like Necryx. He spits blood they need to come out with another one that does that. I remember when I decided to get him everyone was like, you know that dragon has a spear through him right. I said yep wounded and still kicking ass, that’s my kinda dragon :smile::smile:


I used to think Fomhar and his “monkey-ness” was the ugliest thing in game. Now I look at Gunnar in the den and :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting::sob:
Kinda glad he flies with his back facing the screen and not his face


You guys are crazy if you think Gunnar doesn’t look fantastic. His design is superb, it’s just a shame his wings are too small since otherwise he’d be perfect.


There was this one dude who used him as a workhorse during PvP, and tried him on me once, if you remember :laughing:

@ZestyNoob succ


@Obliterkate’s base was never the same after I razed her castle with the mighty Coatl


found axi’s girlfriend :stuck_out_tongue:


That is a pretty dragon.


Flightrising? :eyes:


Maybe whoever created the dragon… there partner is not equipped and to them they are huge :wink:


Everything about how he looks bothers me. Stumpy wings, stumpy body, random tusks, the fact that is body stands like a chicken


They are bigger than Jul’s wings…