Gunnar's Wings are Tiny


This is good feedback. We can’t completely change his wings, but we can adjust their size to be slightly larger/longer.

I’ll have someone attend to this later in the day. However, please note that we can’t do a full release for a simple, small visual change like this, so you may not see this change in-game until later this month or early January.


Um, holy cow. I genuinely didn’t expect a response. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply and I really hope his wings get upscaled. To be clear, I don’t think the design or the wings is an issue at all (they’re very cool), they just look to small as is.

Again, thank you for the reply, and judging from the amount of likes on your comment already many in the community appreciate it as well.


Actually, when flying him his persepctive and symmetry looks fine. I’d leave him as he is. Nice dragon BTW, I like his spell set.


I respect that your opinion is different than mine, however I do still strongly think his wings are too small. He has a thicker body and HUGE head compared to most hunters, making his smaller than normal wings even more noticeable. Even a small upscaling in size would significantly improve the his appearance in my opinion.


Nooo!! I love his little wings. There is nothing wrong with his wings.

If they were to change anything it should be those big honkin’ horns coming out of his face. Don’t know how he keeps from falling flat on his face with those things.



Yes, the horns are definitely NOT his best look. If there was any plastic surgery to be done, it should definitely be horn reduction surgery. Also, if the thought was for that tail to act as a battleaxe they should have those edges be horizontal so swinging his tail side to side could slice and dice. Now he reminds me of a tail dragger airplane with a skid at the tail.

Really, looking down on him while making a run his wings seem fine. Sitting in the den maybe not so much.

Fortunately all I really care about is how effective he is on a defended base. If he’s good I don’t care what he looks like.


Incorrect, that tail-axe was made for Gunnar to kill incompetent riders >:D


They better change it then else there will be a lot fewer players of WD after this season.:rofl::rofl::rofl:


If you don’t care, why make a lengthy post about it? Seems you do have an opinion to me.

Edit: Also, this being a personal preference, I adore Gunnar’s appearance exactly as he is EXCEPT the aforementioned tiny wings.


I swear when I first saw his profile in my roster, this was the first thing that came to mind… :joy:



You really don’t know me well if you think that post is lengthy for me.:rofl::rofl::rofl::grin:


You’re not wrong, I have no idea who you are. :joy:


I’m nobody, but unfortunately I’ve written almost full page responses sometimes. Especially if I’m passionate about something.:man_shrugging:t3:


Haven’t leveled him that far yet. Just evolved to platinum. Works fine on invaders, at least spells seem to work fine and my Snowblind regenerates pretty fast. But, once I get him to Sapphire I’ll find out how he does with defenders.


I’m only level 28 with a level 1 Gunnar, but I can take out 10 towers with one cast of Snowblind on the invader :woman_shrugging:t2:


There is no call to be rude and dismissive. If you’ve noticed bugs or issues with Gunnar, you are fully capable of documenting that, reporting it, and creating a separate thread about that.

Your comment does not in any way supersede the points raised throughout the thread.


If that capability continues as you level up, I’d suggest keeping it to yourself and just smile as you wipe through bases. Of course, someone will eventually file a complaint about it. 10 towers at once? That’s a first.


I didn’t say at once. I said with one cast. I can take out a tower with one tap with Snowblind. Large islands I just tap once with 3 fingers, then 2 fingers and repeat. 10 towers with one cast. Just have to be fast and coordinated. Which is amazing for me that I can do it because I am neither. :joy:

On topic: I still think his wings look perfectly fine just the way they are.


Each dragon is different- I don’t think anyone expects Axi to set up bases like Necryx. And I’ve made peace with Gunnar not really being able to hit too far out of his hard limit on towers.

But he’s a pretty safe choice within those limits. Snowblind being white means that any supershots and damage can easily be avoided with a single cast- if you’re too slow to freeze flaks before they fire, a hunter’s mark application on a monument has you back to full health. As long as you have enough rage for 1 cast of snowblind and hunter’s mark on you, it’s pretty easy to avoid damage, as compared to a dragon that can hit further outside of their limits; sorta like Axi. But better.


Need to add. If you’re not stunned to death.