Guys need your advise

Is it fine to put 2 lighting towers instead of 3 for lighting super shot. Or we should put 3+ .

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There is definitely much better towers right now in the game.
If your lightning towers are not maxed for your level, I would suggest transforming or merging into a better tower.
If your lightning towers are maxed for your level, then I would keep 3 on the same island for that supershot bonus.

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On the contrary, I’d recommend keeping the lightning towers. There’s definitely a good period of time where they are pretty meh, and they don’t seem to do much.

But in the 400s, they definitely do a lot more damage! And lightning towers are also pretty fast, have a long range, and have a small hit box (making it a lot harder for a dragon to hit two with a death-gaze-like spell). So yeah, I’d say that they’re worth keeping–just perhaps, maybe better off at the back of a long island.


I would add that it also depends on your runes.

Also could someone fact check me - max 3 towers give increased supershot damage, ie if you put 4 it doesn’t increase.


For supershot. Yep 3, the only benefit for more than 3 would be that when 1 dies you still have 3. But at that point it’s probably better to have a different tower in the 4th slot.


Keep 3, swap red mage for a shield tower.


I would do what ruru suggested.


Storm tower also fine right?

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Yep, a shield tower is a catch-all term for storm towers, earth flacks, and cosmic orreries. Any of those is appropriate.

the only downside of Lightnings is the equippable ( consumable ) Lightnings Resist that actually nullify their damage. i would do what u are doing x3 Light and both mages.

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Tbh I also find that as a plus. As forcing them to equip LR means they are unable to equip invincibility shield or cloak etc.

However, this mainly works on a minimum of 15 tower base, as otherwise you’ll lack firepower to stop the dragon.


Why are you building a third island ? Do you have 10 max towers already?

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7 maxed and 3 nned to max

If you only have two islands, aren’t the lightnings better off being at the back of your long Island?

This is the set up…and this lighting island and some other tower in long Island not max

They are also pretty good the first island after long. If players over extend their rage on the long you can catch them out

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Yeah only after they are all maxed out, this dude is building 15 nonmaxed towers

Stick to 10 towers, till you get them all up to the current Max level in the game
Then start a third island.

Second dark flak? I don’t know if it’s useful there, I’d rather have another ice flak.
I’d replace the ice turret too,
Orrey speeds the dragon up only for the ice turret to slow it down? Idk if those two work well


Lightnings, properly runed, still hurt like a mofo

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Just saw the layout :man_facepalming:. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT A 3RD ISLAND UNTIL YOUR LEVEL CAN HANDLE IT!!!