Hack crew please ban him!

Any administrator there ??? Of the Game i Want raport a hack crew just this boy atack all my crew Member But i dont found there in this crew and don’t Say becouse left the team this farmchest Member ore what is him name i do photo with all Member of this crew name of crew VNxKingEagle

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I’m kind of confused but looks like FarmChests was brought in as a merc? If I’m understanding your issue correctly? I just looked up the team and FarmChests is on it. If he came in after war started he won’t be listed on the war roster when you go to do your attacks.

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The absolutely best and most impactful way you can report players or resolve issues with the game is to contact our support team!

Posting these kinds of reports on the Forums will invite healthy conversation, but also breeds unhealthy bias towards accused players. In those cases where players are harassing others or cheating in the game, they should absolutely be dealt with through our moderation and banning system. However, that system is put in place to maintain anonymity of all parties involved. We don’t discuss the outcomes of these kinds of accusations unless all parties explicitly agree to discuss it publicly. Even then, we don’t start that conversation.

@ProCobra, I understand your concern, and thank you for letting us know. If you would like this looked at, please submit your information to our Support team so they can handle it from there! :slight_smile:

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You may want to encourage your team to defend a tad bit more in wars also… :crazy_face:

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I may have misinterpreted the situation, but it looks to me like you declared war on a farm alliance. The owner/creator of said accounts decided to put their main account into the team to beat you, so now you’re accusing them of cheating because you lost.
In future, i would suggest targeting active teams & win legitimately, instead of trying to take advantage for an easy victory.


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